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Advanced Payroll - Payroll Period

I run the payroll 12 times a year. Employees get paid at the end of each month. A 12th of thier salary. But then SSP, overtime, parental leave etc is considered and adjustments made. This consideration is for a period sometimes 4 weeks sometimes  5 weeks depending on the month (If it was 4 weeks then 4 x 12 =48 weeks in a year which there isnt.)


My dates for end of April pay is 22/3 to 17/4, then May pay (adjustments) will be 18/4 to 22/5. How does the system determine the dates. I was told that I can change these dates once run is created but I see that I can only change the end date and the system has already determined the start (1 calendar month before not a day I can choose) ? 

Can the start date be changed at all? 

As I have specified my end date as 17/4 will next months run ending 22/5 use start 18/4 (the day after this end) or 23/4 (1 calendar month from my speciifed end date) ?


Thanks in advance


Advanced Payroll - Payroll Period

Hello, @MrPlunk.


I appreciate the details you've provided when changing your payroll period. The system will automatically determine the pay period based on the pay period ending and the date the pay run will be paid.  However, we won't be able to view the starting date when doing the adjustment.


Since I'm unable to access your account in a public environment, I'd recommend reaching out to our Payroll Support. This way they can check the pay period adjustments using their tools. 


Let me include the following links below for more information.


In the meantime, I'm always available here to answer your questions, so feel free to reach out. Thanks for coming to the Community, and have a good one.