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Annual Leave in Quickbooks Advanced Payroll

I have recorded in Quickbooks Advanced Payroll the holidays that employees have booked so far this year. However when looking at their annual leave balances I can only see the opening balance for the year - it hasn't deducted any of the leave taken so far. This is also the case when looking in the WorkZone app. 


Is there any way to change the settings so it shows this? The suggestion from QB help is that when payroll is run it will update but this isn't any use to us when leave can be booked at any point. 


QuickBooks Team

Annual Leave in Quickbooks Advanced Payroll

Hi pmdonn!


I know how you'll be able to add leave taken. Let me assist you.


We need to make sure that you enter the leave taken during the pay run. Here's how:

  1. Select the employee to open the employee's pay run details.
  2. Click Actions, then choose the Take Leave option.
  3. Enter the following:
    • Leave Category (required)
    • Notes
    • Hours Taken (required)


You can also create a request so it'll apply in the appropriate future pay runs. Select Leave, then Create Requests. Enter the details required. Then, tap Save.


Here are some of the articles you can check. These will discuss more on how to manage your payroll in QuickBooks Online Advanced:


Additionally, you'll want to reach out to our Payroll Support Team so they can further help you in setting up your payroll.


Keep on posting here if you have other questions. We'll respond as soon as we can.

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Annual Leave in Quickbooks Advanced Payroll



Thanks for your reply. However we are recording leave on the payroll homepage where we click on manage employees and then the create requests section under the area marked leave. 

It is here that it records the leave in QB and shows the correct remaining days in the calendar. However when I look on the app it still shows the opening balance of days? The balance also remains unchanged if a request is made through the app and accepted by an admin in QB? 



QuickBooks Team

Annual Leave in Quickbooks Advanced Payroll

Hello Pmdonn, so it is because the app is just a light version of Quickbooks that is more for use on the go. Any activities like payroll should all be done via the web browser instead and not the app. 

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