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Holiday accruals

Can Quickbooks calculate accrued Holiday? For instance, we have staff on contracted hours, but who work more than contracted so should have annual leave calculated accordingly. At present we are doing it manually using a couple of spreadsheets, very long winded, and way too open to human error.

QuickBooks Team

Holiday accruals

Good day, john1963.


Let me help adding a holiday pay type for your employee in QuickBooks Online Payroll.


Currently, there isn't a feature for tracking or calculating the amount of holiday pay. You can, however, add holiday pay to your employee's payslip as a workaround.


To do this, navigate to the employee section and select the employee for whom you want to add holiday pay. Like this:


  1. Go to the Employees tab.
  2. Look for the employee you wish to add holiday pay for
  3. Click on (at the bottom of the page), then select Other pay.
  4. Select or search for the pay type you want to add. If you can’t find the pay type you’re looking for, you can add it.
  5. Choose an option you will have the ability to rename this as 'Holiday pay' or however you wish to record this.
  6. Save your changes.


Also, I recommend that you send us feedback so we can add this feature in future updates. 


Here's how:


  1. Go to the Gear icon at the top.
  2. Select Feedback.
  3. Enter your comments or product suggestions.
  4. Click on Next to submit feedback.


Our Product Development team will receive and review your valuable feedback along with other user requests.


Let me know if you require further assistance regarding payroll. I'm always willing to help. Take care and enjoy your day.

Level 1

Holiday accruals

Im sorry but I think I must have not explained myself properly. In the UK we have to calculate accrued holiday for people who work hours differently to their contracted hours over a 52 week rolling calculation. Not sure that adding Holiday pay as an option helps at all.

Would the leave allowances tab help where it looks like you can put in a decimal hourly rate for holiday accrued against hours worked?

QuickBooks Team

Holiday accruals

Hello John1963, thanks for coming back to us with that information, If you Advanced payroll in your QuickBooks account if you have a look at this article it will help you with your accrual leave. If you have Standard Payroll in your QuickBooks account, you would just enter in the leave the person is taking and lessen off the hours worked and then add the time off in, if you have a look at this article here is will help you with this.

Gavin W
Level 1

Holiday accruals

Hi I currently have Quickbooks standard payroll and it has no way of tracking this. I have decided to to use Jibble which is free and will keep track of the holiday and can be used by the employees to clock in and out. a little fiddly to get going but invaluable I think.

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