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How do I file a complaint about QuickBooks Payroll system?

I have been unable to use the payroll facility properly since February due to issues migrating from PaySuite. I keep being told the migration team are dealing with it but its been 3 months now and we still haven’t migrated. We just want to be able to run our payroll poperly!


How do I file a complaint about QuickBooks Payroll system?

We know how important for you to be able to run payroll for your employees, AWilkes.


For you to follow up about the migration process. I'd recommend reaching out to our Customer Care Team. This is because we don't have a visibility of your account. They can pull up your information and review the cases. Also, they can give updates about the migration as well as file a complaint.

  1. Log in to your QBO account and click the Help menu in the upper-right corner.
  2. Select Contact Us and enter the details of your concern.
  3. Click Let's talk and select how you want to reach them.
  4. Enter the necessary details to complete your request.

While you're at it, you can use this link about payroll in QuickBooks Online: QuickBooks Online Standard Payroll Hub.


We'd appreciate your patience as they review this.

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How do I file a complaint about QuickBooks Payroll system?

Don't bother with customer care. While they are very pleasant and you think you are going to be good to go after 2.5 hours on the phone. NOPE. 

Been dealing with this BS since January. WORST Decision I ever made! I only converted to online QB for Intuit to handle my quarterly filing. The 18+ hours I have spent on the phone with every department in the book has been a complete waste! I still had to do my own quarterly taxes and still they can't get it right!

This is NOT my fault, but has become my problem. Just because Intuit is doing away with one product, rolling it all into another and on a different platform. I deserve ALL of my subscription money back!

I might as well go back to Desktop and buy the latest version so it will work with Payroll - which I ALSO had to pay for the Desktop Payroll just to be able to RUN PAYROLL!!

And of course, there is no management to help, one department can do 1 thing, another has to do the other.... In the meantime, I have around 15 case #s with no result!

Red Rie
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How do I file a complaint about QuickBooks Payroll system?

I am also in the same position

I have been lied to repeatedly, promised time and again that it would be fixed and someone would get back to me and told to do things that are just plain wrong (and anyone would see that it wasn't correct) and would leave me in a worse mess than I am now - I have something like 30 plus hours down the drain on pointless calls and chats and more e-mails than I can easily count.  They don't care and they can't seem to fix the issue. I have repeatedly asked about making a formal complaint and getting a response to it and I am ignored every time.  

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How do I file a complaint about QuickBooks Payroll system?

This is a formal complaint re: customer service for the QBO Payroll Module. I have been trying to solve an issue with the way QBO Payroll handles withdrawal of taxes and other fees and charges from payroll submissions.


Background: I have been a QBDesktop/Assisted Payroll customer for 10 years and grew to have lots of confidence in that module. QBD computes everything correctly, creates a “split” QB transaction showing details, and debits my bank account automatically for the total amount. QBO does the computing correctly, creates a transaction for the Net Pay amount, but apparently DOES NOT deduct the taxes and fees until end of a given quarter.


Yesterday’s Experience: I spoke to EIGHT different support persons today to get someone to explain this discrepancy to me, and if it’s working-as-intended or a bug.  No one could do it. Nothing resolved after eight attempts, although “Trina” did work with me and is supposed to resume work today to resolve the issue. Of the eight calls, I experienced one deliberate hang-up, two calls where the support person put me on hold and never came back, one person, “Robin”, who actually did look at my account but then told me that it was working as designed, i.e. that funds would be deducted at Quarters’ end as opposed to at the point f submission. She obviously had no familiarity with how Assisted Payroll works although it seems as if this would be a essential skill as QB encourages migration to QBO.  (This is a problem for me this quarter because funds HAVE been deducted from my account for all 2nd Q transactions except the last. In other words, QBD/Assisted Payroll has some of the funds, and some are still waiting to be debited from my bank account at end of quarter. QBO shows the entire obligation due on July 17, even though 80% was already taken by QBD.  I think I’m going to end up paying this obligation twice).


The first agent, Colleen, told me it was MY fault for not doing core setup right.  When I said no one had explained the need to do a core setup either when I converted from QBD or when I set up the first payroll online. When I pressured her about HOW to do this, she hung up. The second person, Robin, did look at a few transactions with me, but then told me it was “just the way it works now” (as well as implied it was just the way it has always worked). I wasn’t convinced so I went back and compared QB Desktop transactions against my bank records and determined that the tax obligation funds as wells as payroll service fees were ALWAYS deducted at the point of submission. The third and fourth persons, whose names I didn’t get, put me on hold, and never came back. The fifth person, actually tried to help while escalating to experts, but the call dropped after 15 minutes. The next call to “Faith” seemed promising at first, but then she told me that QBO Core Payroll did not process the tax payment and that I had to do it myself. I enquired if there were plans similar to Assisted Payroll and at first she said “no”, then said yes, there was Premium and Elite, and sent me a link to compare them. The link didn’t work. As I looked for another link, I realized “Faith” was just googling all my questions, and I came across word-for-word explanations from 2018 that explained e=payments. These are not even available in the module I have. She obviously had no clue.


Summary: It’s clear after these experiences that NONE of the individuals I spoke understand the  accounting principles underlying a payroll service, or even know much more than basic commands in the QBO payroll module itself. Their answers are either scripted or they frantically google trying to find answers. They will not transfer you to another level of expertise, and only begrudgingly interface with experts while the customer is on hold. I am sympathetic with these individuals if the software itself is buggy, but if this is the case, they need to be able to acknowledge this and get customers connected with agents or experts who can help. If it’s more the case that they are not trained to explain how the Payroll Module works/how if differs from QBD, then they need much, much better training. I can google support answers on my own and I expected more from “experts” who actually work for QB.


This whole experience was very disappointing.




QuickBooks Team

How do I file a complaint about QuickBooks Payroll system?

Hello Tculkin, 


Welcome to the Community page, 


We have taken all your information on this complaint you have sent to us and we have passed it onto the relevant team. 


we are sorry to hear that you have had an enjoyable experience with our customer service.  



Level 3

How do I file a complaint about QuickBooks Payroll system?

Thank you tculkin,


We are in the process of setting up our core payroll and have run into a few road blocks ourselves.

After reading some of your problems you are having I discovered we are having some of the same issues.

My boss was on the phone with customer service yesterday for over 4 hours,  with no resolution.  I have

been a bookkeeper for over 30 years and personally I am getting the feeling that they were not quite ready to roll their online accounting software out.  I am not impressed! (Payroll or accounting software)



Level 1

How do I file a complaint about QuickBooks Payroll system?

I have tried to receive a call back from Quickbooks for days concerning our payroll account and NO one will return calls. I have chatted with over 10 people overseas and no one has been able to help with the problem. How can I get a call back.

QuickBooks Team

How do I file a complaint about QuickBooks Payroll system?

Hi KathyGilliss


Thanks for joining this thread - you can request a callback through our support line on 0808 234 5337 (8am to 7pm Mon - Fri, all calls are returned the same day) or alternately, you can reach out live chat support team through the link here for further assistance on your payroll query, they'll have all the tools necessary and can setup screen shares to help with this. :)

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How do I file a complaint about QuickBooks Payroll system?

I truly understand!!!!!!!!!! I've been trying to cancel Online QB for 3 weeks and finally after speaking with at least 50 "support team members" (using that work is a joke) I was able to cancel my trial subscription. Quick Book also, (unauthored) withdrew from our business account for payroll. Now they are saying that because I did not call them last month about the withdraws they might not reimburse our business account. Quick Books is going  to the bottom of the Barrell when at one point it was a reliable company... So So sad

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How do I file a complaint about QuickBooks Payroll system?

Payroll system is horrible!!!!


We were encouraged by our Accountant and Intuit to move to QBO.


In July 2021, we transitioned from QB Desktop w/enhanced payroll to QB Online w/payroll. To this date we have spent thousands of dollars and many hours trying to get payroll including tax payments to work. A complete Cluster F%#&!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Their payroll support might as well be a tape recorder that repeats: "IT is working on it. They are really busy. Should be fixed in two weeks".  We've been told the same rhetoric since July of 2021. 


Anyone know a half decent accounting software......

Fiat Lux - ASIA
Level 15

How do I file a complaint about QuickBooks Payroll system?


You should switch to another app.

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How do I file a complaint about QuickBooks Payroll system?

Ive been having a problem with the QB online Payroll since last year when they started not giving the right to delete or edit, We are human and its not always perfect , is just so frustrating even its not payday yet or the taxes is not process yet it wont allow client to delete or edit the paycheck and everytime you call them they will transfer you to diff rep and department because its not their expertise , what kind of restriction you guys have if even other representative doesnt have those kind of rights. How can you guys help clients ? Wasting time to call you guys just to delete or edit 1 paycheck ? You guys are more controlling now and exposing our accounts.  

Level 2

How do I file a complaint about QuickBooks Payroll system?

We stopped using QuickBooks Payroll from July 2022, moved to another agency, due to QBO imposing inflexible limits on total payroll etc, leaving no option to continue.

I stopped payroll subscription but QBO continues to file our tax Quarterly/annual Blank tax returns. 

It sounds completely weird, why would we want QBO to file our returns when we already stopped running the payroll from July 2022 onwards. I have called many a times, spent hours with support team and tried to switch it off but QBO isn’t giving any option. Even today I was shocked to see that it is still on and I am not able to switch off.

BTW what are you going to file, we aren’t even running the payroll !#?

We aren’t even paying you for filing, for god’s sake.

This sounds completely ridiculous. It’s like your systems are designed to screwup client’s tax status.

There must be some way to pull the plug!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Whom should I escalated to?

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