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We are employing a new employee who has 2 jobs currently, and 2 different tax codes, they are leaving one job to be employed with us, and staying in the other job, how would I set up their payroll correctly? 

Hope this makes sense. 

QuickBooks Team


Hello Cylchcwtch22-hot, 


Welcome to the Community page, 


In order to help you further with your question, which payroll is it you are using within QuickBooks is it our standard payroll or our advanced?

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Hi its standard



Hi @cylchcwtch22-hot,


Thank you for getting back and clarifying your payroll version. Allow me to step in and provide additional information about adding a new employee to QuickBooks Online.


The tax information you enter helps calculate taxes and contributions when you run payroll. In QuickBooks, you only have a single field to enter the employee's tax code (see screenshot below).



Since your employee is taking two jobs, I recommend contacting HMRC for clarification. They can provide additional guidance on the code you should enter on the tax info.


Additionally, a tax code notification feature is available in Standard Payroll. I've added a link you can check out to learn about changes and updates made to your employees' tax codes in QuickBooks: Tax code notices in QuickBooks Online Standard Payroll.


Keep in touch for any questions regarding setting up an employee or the pay run. We'll be sure to assist you in this public space. Take care.

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