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two questions 

1st has anyone got issues with the year end my payroll is telling me to complete week 52 even though it is showing as done in the history and HMRC excepted it. When i try to got into that pay section it just locks out. 


2nd Question the other part of my payroll asks me to complete payroll for the week coming up I.e on monday it said over due for the week of the 5 - 11th April and reports me to HMRC every week for late filing.


Anyone else having similar issues 

QuickBooks Team


Thanks for taking the time in sharing the details of your concern with us, @XxBADWOLFxX.


Let’s access your QuickBooks Online (QBO) account on a private window (incognito) and view your payroll history from there. This way, we can also check if this is a browser cache issue.


When the browser is full of cache data, this can affect the performance of your account. Thus, it could be the reason why it’s showing incorrect data. Using an incognito browser is a great tool in identifying a browser cache issue as this doesn’t save any cache file.


To get started, you can use these keyboard shortcuts in opening a private window:


  • Press keys: Ctrl + Shift + N for Google Chrome browser
  • Press keys: Ctrl + Shift + P for Mozilla Firefox & Microsoft Edge browser
  • Press keys: Command + Shift + N for Safari browser


If your payroll data is correct, I recommend clearing your regular browser’s cache to refresh the system. If the issue persists, try using other supported browsers. This way, we can verify if this is a browser-integrated issue.


If this is not the case, I suggest contacting our Support team. This way, they can take a look into your account and investigate the cause of this inaccurate data.


Once everything is all settled, you can now process your payroll efficiently


Let me know in your reply if you need further assistance managing your payroll or with your QBO account. I’ll be around to listen and help you. Have a good one and keep safe! 

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Hi Thanks for the advice 

Spoke through web chat with technical yesterday and they did the following 

ask me to connect through two different broadband provides we have Bt and a Point to point system from a company called boundless, Microsoft edge and Google 

Log in through a private browser. 

Tried opening up on different browsers 

Log in from different user in the system password email accounts. 

spent 2 and 1/2 hours on line with them but they could not identify the problem suggested leaving it 24 hours. 

I have cleared the cache systems 3 times at different locations but to no joy 

I used to use the app and all went well but have had to transfer over to the browser and thats when the problem has occurred and the only other thing is year end has come about so not sure if that is a factor as it is like it has crashed after year end. 

If i delete the last payroll and re do it works fine for that payroll but then crashed when i try to process this weeks wages. 

The only other thing i can think of is the other payroll data due to ongoing errors which technical are at a loss to fix hasn't got to year end yet. 

Any further help would be grateful as my staff are waiting to be paid. 



QuickBooks Team


Hello Mark, would you be able to attach a screenshot of the message asking you to complete week 52 as well as once showing it has been completed. We can see from your post the steps you have already done, what we can do is escalate this to our senior payroll technicians to investigate to get this resolved, we just need some screenshots in order to do that. You can either add them here or send a PM/DM to QuickBooks Uk on FaceBook or Twitter with them if you would prefer.Thank you.

Level 1


Hi Emma


I've sent you the screenshots via PM 


That's as far as i can get as if i try to connect to the everyweek file it fails to loads. The other file works fine its just as you can see from the screen shot asking for the payroll to be submitted at the beginning of the week not the end both are issues but ive been trying to resolve the second one for over a year 





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