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Level 2

Pension Contribution Report Problem

I ran the pension contribution report today and it listed all the employees twice.

It doesn't matter which month I run it listed all employees twice.

Oh QB what have you done!


QuickBooks Team

Pension Contribution Report Problem

Hello Midas, 


Welcome to the Community page, 


Can we ask which payroll it is you are using?


Is it Advanced payroll or standard payroll?


The way to tell is when you click on the payroll tab on left hand side main navigation bar if you have two other tabs showing one saying payroll and the other saying employees that is standard payroll and if you have no other tabs showing then it is advanced payroll. 

Level 2

Pension Contribution Report Problem

I need to get the issued raised up to level 4 support to get the issue fix which has now been done.  Getting an issue raised up involved having to jump through hoops for example: restart you pc and login again and see if the issue goes, setup a glance session twice with support, try a different web browser and please find another pc and login and see if that made any difference before this was escalated up to the next level of support all of this took well over an hours. Thankfully when it was raised up it was sorted out within a couple of days... yes it was a problem that Intuit need to sort out.

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