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Questions regarding annual leave accruals and carry over

I have multiple questions regarding annual leave and carry over, as we have an odd set up in our company with all employees paid monthly, but using 3 different schedules. Some are paid in-month (January hours paid in January pay run), some are paid cross-month (22nd month to 21st next month) and some are paid a month in arrears (December hours paid in January pay run).


Currently our annual leave is set to not allow any leave to be carried over; as we have part time and full time staff we find it easier to put the leave on manually as a separate category for tracking rather than setting a limit based on full time hours for carry forward and then manually correct it for any part time staff.


1. Those who are paid in January for December's hours have annual leave accrue. However - with the leave year starting on 1st Jan, any accrued leave not taken gets zeroed out. Does this mean that the leave accrued for December will be immediately zeroed out? I assume that if this is the case, we will see the figure for the accrued leave so that we can manually add it back in.

2. If it isn't wiped out immediately, will it get wiped out in February's pay run?

3. So far it looks like those paid for December in January, if they get their leave accrued in advance, do not see their balance for the new year until February's pay run. As we pay at the end of the month this means it is two months into the year before their leave balance is shown accurately. Is there any way round this?

4. Most people are paid for a cross-month period (e.g. 22nd Dec to 21st Jan) - what happens to annual leave accrued on these hours? Do any hours accrued between 22nd Dec and 31st Dec get wiped straight off?

5. What happens if someone is on a negative leave balance at the end of the year? (e.g. if they are paid for December hours in January, they may need to take leave in December based on knowing they will accrue for it in the next pay run - this means they may have a balance of e.g. 0.5 hours at the end of the year, but in the next pay run their hours accrued will make this right - if their accrual is not immediately zeroed out as above)

6. What happens if someone's balance would still be negative after the pay run which resets balances? E.g. if they get to January pay run with a balance of -1.5 hours, is this wiped out the same way that a positive balance is, or does it get taken out of their new balance (whether accrued in advance or not)?


I cannot find answers to these in any of the articles so far - any assistance would be gratefully received. I appreciate that our setup is strange, but we are still expectant that QuickBooks will be able to help us find a way round that does not involve us going back to spreadsheets to track leave!

QuickBooks Team

Questions regarding annual leave accruals and carry over

Hello Susanwarren, 


Welcome to the Community page, 


So here are some links that will help you with advanced payroll.


You can also do it via the leave templates, as you can set the leave year, how much accrues, how much carries over, ect. 



If you go to payroll>payroll settings>under pay conditions-leave allowance template>add>fill in all the information in>save 



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Questions regarding annual leave accruals and carry over

Hi Ashleigh - thank you for your reply. However, none of those articles answer my questions. We already have templates set up for annual leave, based on whether someone is on fixed hours and can accrue all their leave in advance, or is on flexible hours and accrues their leave as they work.


I would like to avoid setting up a template for each person one at a time, we have six templates (3 for men, 3 for women, depending on how their leave is accrued) already with employees linked to that. Setting up leave rules / templates for each person would be an administrative headache.


We are confident in our use of leave allowance templates, but I would like to have some assistance with the questions I actually have regarding leave accruing in the same pay run as any outstanding leave is removed, etc.

Level 2

Questions regarding annual leave accruals and carry over

Is there anyone who can help me answer my questions? I'm not that new to QuickBooks Online Advanced Payroll as I've been working on it for a year setting up all our staff, but it is now March and we do not have correct figures for 2021's annual leave, which is not helpful to any one of our staff. We had assumed that we would be able to give accurate figures far more easily through QB than through us manually keeping a track for staff, but with the roll over at year end that has not been the case.


Please can someone look again at my questions, and give a targeted reply? Sending links on how to set up templates does not answer any of the questions I had.

QuickBooks Team

Questions regarding annual leave accruals and carry over

Hello Susanwarren, If you could us a call on 08082345337 so we can do a screen share and look specifically at the accrual issues, you should be able to add manually the accrual if it is wiped out if that is not happening we need to look at the payroll on screen.Thanks

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