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Not able to see + sign to enter sick pay for employee

hourly paid employee on statuary sick pay . cannot enter statuary sick pay for her

Not able to see + sign to enter sick pay for employee

Hey there @chrisfarm,


Good to see you here, let me get straight into your query.


There are thing we need to heck first for me to accurately resolve your question. The steps on applying the SSP to your employee will depend on what type of payroll you're using. QuickBooks online (QBO) Standard payroll or QBO Payroll Advance.


Let me just give you both instead. 


For QBO standard.

  • Click Employees and select Employees.
  • Under Employees tab, look for the employee and open.
  • In the employee's profile hit on Action ▼.
  • Select Employee's leave.

From there you will be asked for the setup and information to complete the SSP of your employee.


For QBO Advance payroll. There are 2 leave set up, first is when your employee applies for a leave and the 2nd is the manual application of leave.


You will need to create a new pay run.  If any employee has applied for leave, it will appear under the Weekly Period Ending heading. There will be a number next to the heading, those are pending request from the leave applications.


You can then choose to apply the leave or hover over the employee that you would like to apply the leave for, two options appear which are:

  • Apply - this will apply the leave request to the current pay run.
  • Mark as applied manually - this is for when you have already applied the manually to the pay run and do not want the leave request to affect the pay run.

You can also contact our live support we'll be open even on weekend.


Let me know if you need anything else. we're here to assist you.

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