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Hi I have been paying staff for 6 weeks now, 2 of them have previous jobs and HMRC has altered their tax codes and now they are paying 50% of their earnings in PAYE.  I queried this with the Quickbooks team and its because I have them set up as Cumulative and not W1/M1.  I have now altered this and the tax they pay is correct.  However it was suggested that I may need to run previous payrolls again to bring things  up to date but I don't know how to do it.  I use standard payroll.

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Hello Bottleandtap, 


Welcome to the Community page, 


If you have a look at this link it tells you all about Standard payroll and all you need to know about it. This link here tells you how to rollback/delete the payroll. Once you have deleted/rolled back to as far as you need to go, changed any information you needed  and save it then it is just a case of rolling forward/redoing the payruns again to the point you need to be at. 


Any Q's please reach back out to us again. 

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Please be aware, that rolling your payroll back causes problems with HMRC. I strongly encourage you to discuss this with your accountant before you proceed.

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