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Run payroll as normal but need to change employee status to furloughed?

One of our employees has been furloughed since 1 March. I ran payroll as normal without realizing I need add a category. (We are usuing Standart Online Payroll)
We top up with 20%, so it was his regular salary.
Is there a way to change the payroll (to split into categories) which we ran on 31 March?
Thank you

QuickBooks Team
QuickBooks Team

Run payroll as normal but need to change employee status to furloughed?

Let me guide you on how you can change the payroll for your furloughed employees, tavina.


We need to track first the furloughed employee then add in the payment category you have created. This way, you can split the payroll into categories on March 31.


Here's how:


  1. Start your pay run.
  2. Click the Edit button next to one employee
  3. Select Add/edit a Bonus or Other Payment.
  4. Click the plus icon at the top of the box.
  5. Tick Other Earnings as the type. 
  6. Name it as Furloughed Employee Pay along the lines of the item.
  7. Enter the employee’s payment amount for the period. 
  8. Edit all other Furloughed employees on the pay run, then add the payment category you've created.

For more details about this one, please refer to this article: COVID-19: Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme.


I've got a link here that contains articles about managing your employee's payroll:


I'm just one click away if you need with submitting your payroll or any QBO related. I'll be here to ensure your success. Take care always. 

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Run payroll as normal but need to change employee status to furloughed?

Thank you for your prompt response.

The thing is I already have run that payroll, and unfortunately submitted to HMRC. 

Shall I cancel it now, and done a correct one with a furloughed category? 

Thank you


Run payroll as normal but need to change employee status to furloughed?

Yes, you can cancel your payroll now, @tavina. Please take note that the system will delete all of the employee payments in it. Before performing that, make sure to print out all the payslips and reports. These will serve as your reference when you recreate the correct one with a furloughed category. I'll guide you how. 

  1. Go to Employees menu. 
  2. Select Payroll.
  3. Choose the most recent period in the Payroll History section. 
  4. Click Action and select Delete Payroll on the Payroll details page. 
  5. Enter Yes in the box, then click Delete.
  6. Repeat for any additional pay runs you require.


After cancelling the payroll, we'll attempt to delete the corresponding journal entries in the software. Also, we'll remove the FPS from the program even though you've submitted your payroll to HMRC. For more details, see the What happens when you delete a payroll section through this article: Deleting A Pay Run in QuickBooks Online Standard Payroll


Once done, you can refer to the steps provided by my peer above on how to track your furloughed employees


During this pandemic, QuickBooks is committed to helping you, your business, and your employees. With this, I'd suggest visiting this website: Small Business Support. It provides you practical tips and resources when running your business during these trying times. You'll also find the latest announcements about the support available from the UK Government. 


I'm always here to help if you need anything else. Keep safe always, @tavina.

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