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I have 2 employees both with the same sickness dates for SSP, all dates have been entered in QB and 2 weekly payrolls run.

Both employees had SSP on week 1 payslip but only one employee has SSP on the 2nd weeks payslip.

Is this correct?

Where can I view the sickness dates per employee?




QuickBooks Team


Hello KB39, 


Welcome to the Community page, 


In order to help you with your Question can we ask what payroll it is you are using in Quickbooks? 


Is it advanced or standard?  


The way to tell is when you click on the payroll tab and if you get two other tabs showing saying payroll and the other employees that is standard if you dont get any other tabs and it loads the payroll page for you it will be advanced payroll. 

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Hi, its standard payroll.



Thanks for getting back to us and providing additional details of your payroll, @kb39.


You can review the created pay slip and check why only one employee has SSP on the second week. Also, if you haven't entered the SSP for that specific employee, you can manually create the paycheck.


  1. Go to the Employees or Payroll menu.
  2. Select the applicable employee.
  3. Select Actions and select Employee's Leave.
  4. Select Statutory Sick Pay (SSP).
  5. Select the First day of leave.


In case you want to edit or delete SSP, you can follow the steps below:


  1. Go to the Employees or Payroll menu.
  2. Select the applicable employee.
  3. Click on the Leave section.
  4. Select the leave period you want to edit or delete. To edit, use the menu that opens. To delete, select the bin icon.


For more details about the process above, please check out this article: Statutory Sick Pay (SSP) in QuickBooks Online Standard Payroll.


However, if the information for SSP is already entered in the paycheck, I'd suggest contacting our Customer Support Team. They have tools that can check your account securely and provide other troubleshooting steps to get this resolved. 


Here's how to reach them:


  1. Click the Help menu and select Contact Us.
  2. Provide a short description or tell us specifically how we can help you, then click Let's talk.
  3. Click Get a callback.
  4. You also have the option to click Message an agent if you want a chat agent instead.


Please browse through these articles below about handling employees, running direct deposit payroll, and other related topics. 



If you have further questions or concerns, feel free to reach back out anytime. Stay safe. 

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