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Standard Payroll Entries Not Posted

We successfully made our first Payroll run at the end of April using Standard Payroll, and the net payments were automatically entered as deductions in our bank account with corresponding entries in Payroll Liabilities and Payroll Expenses accounts.

Yesterday, we successfully  created the payroll for 31st May and downloaded the payslips.

Everything seems to have completed normally but there are no entries showing in our bank account or the Payroll Liabilities and Payroll Expenses accounts.

Have we missed something obvious?

QuickBooks Team

Standard Payroll Entries Not Posted

Hello @Woburn,


You'll want to consult our Payroll Support Team. This way, we can check why payroll wasn't posting to your accounts.


Here's how to reach out:

  1. Go to (?) Help, then Contact Us.
  2. Enter a brief description of your issue, then hit Let's talk.
  3. Select Start a chat.

I've also added our page on employees and payroll that I'm sure you'll find helpful.


Please know that we're always here if you have other questions or concerns. Don't hesitate to reply anytime. Thanks for visiting us, and have a lovely weekend ahead. 

Level 1

Standard Payroll Entries Not Posted

I have had exactly the same problem.  I phoned the helpline who said it was an issue others have had and I would get an email.  Nothing has arrived.  I started Live Chat as suggested here, explained the problem and the adviser said they would look into it and be back in a few minutes.  Over 20 minutes later still no answer!  Can we have a way to resolve this please?



Standard Payroll Entries Not Posted

Hello, @HP8.


It sounds like you’ve been through an ordeal. Allow me to share some information about your payroll concern in QuickBooks Online.


All affected users who contacted support will be added to the notification list for any update via email. As soon as there are updates or fix, we'll be notifying you about it.


Since the ability to view an account is unavailable through this public forum, you'll need to reach out to our Live Chat Support for any updates. If you have the ticket number, you can provide it to the representative to expedite the process.


For now, you can manually enter a journal entry (JE) as a workaround. However, I suggest consulting your accountant for further assistance with the process to ensure your books are accurate.


To create, please visit this article for the detailed steps on how: Create a journal entry in QuickBooks Online.


In the meantime, you can also check the following article for some links about the payroll tasks in QuickBooks Online: QuickBooks Online Standard Payroll Hub.


Drop me a comment below if you have any other questions. I'll be more than happy to help. Wishing you a good one.

Level 2

Standard Payroll Entries Not Posted

It is evident from all the new posts that a large number of users have suffered the same problem, and there are probably many more who have not yet realised.

I spent over an hour on live chat on Saturday and then accidently closed the connection which was very frustrating. However, the customer care representatvive, Victoria, has subsequently got back to us and her comments include the following:

"Upon checking it here, there is an ongoing investigation on this that our senior product specialist are currently working to have this fixed. What will I do here is to add this case of yours to the investigation so it will get fixed as well. You will be receiving email once resolved."

Whilst it is good to know that they are working to fix the problem, it does not help all those people who have already wasted time trying to manually recreate the entries, and potentially creating further errors.

Also, having used Desktop Payroll for many years without any problems and being forced to change to an online version which has bugs reflects very badly on Intuit.

For those of you who have the same problem the message is clear - make sure your report the problem to Support and they will fix it in due course. You do not need to take any other action yet

Level 1

Standard Payroll Entries Not Posted

I am having the same problem in September 2021.  And have received the exact same communications from intuit that are listed before. Why is this bug re-occurring?  Why haven't they fixed it? I suppose I will do the JE to be able to move on with my life.....


Standard Payroll Entries Not Posted

Hello, bountymeatandche. 


I'll jump on to this thread and give a brief detail about the payroll journal issue. I'll also point you to the right direction on how you can take care of this. 


There might be a delay or an issue with the system that prevents it from creating those payroll journals properly. You're actually correct about using the manual journal entry method. 


Before doing the manual journal entry, I'd still recommend contacting an accountant so they'll ensure the journals will be posted correctly to your accounts. 


Since it's still happening in your end, you'll want to contact our support. They'll bring up an investigation and check what's preventing the system from creating those payroll journals automatically. 


Here's how to reach them: 


  1. Click the Help menu. 
  2. In the chat box, type "contact support."
  3. Click the Contact a human option.
  4. Proceed with the Live chat / Call me back link. 
  5. On the box, type something like "payroll journals not posting automatically."
  6. Click Continue, then choose how you want to reach us. 


If you need help running reports for your payroll liabilities and other information, you can check these articles: 



I'm more than willing to listen if you have any other concerns with your payroll or any processes in QuickBooks Online. I'll ensure your needs are taken care of. 

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