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Jon Andrews
Level 2

Using time sheets to run payroll problem

I am using tsheets to log time and Paysuite to manage payroll from within QB.  tsheets integrates OK with QB online.  The time entries come through to QB from tsheets.   There is an option in QB called 'approve time' from the + button.  When I select this option I can select individual employees, review their time and approve.  Once the time is approved I can select "accept and create invoice".  When I create an invoice from QB I get an option to add a time record and invoice it.  This works nicely.  

When I want to run payroll I select the 'approve time' option again and chose "accept and run payroll' option.  Nothing happens - this button is dead.  I tried calling QB who have advised that it is not possible to run payroll from timesheet entries.  They explained the US version works but not the UK version.  It seems like a bug in the software if it shows me the button 'accept and run payroll' when in fact it can't run payroll.  I have tried adding a manual timesheet entry from QB to see if it was an incompatibility issue with tsheets but this timesheet entry does not come through to payroll.


After the call with support it seems that it is not possible to run payroll from a timesheet which is a bit crazy.


Is there a workaround or is anybody else managing to run payroll (perhaps using a different payroll package) from a time sheet.

QuickBooks Team

Using time sheets to run payroll problem

Hello Jon,


It is correct that you cannot use the timesheets to run payroll within QuickBooks. We apologise that the button on your screenshot makes this unclear - we will pass on your feedback on this. In the mean time, you may be interested in looking at our third party app site: and search for any apps you could use to do this for you.






Using time sheets to run payroll problem

Hello Community Users, we just wanted to pop in and update this thread. You can now integrate QuickBooks Time with QuickBooks Online. More information on that here. Once that is done you can approve Timesheets for the payroll, see more on that here

Any questions feel free to add them here and we'd be happy to help.

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