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Would you like information on hiring Quickbooks?

new hire for us
John C
QuickBooks Team

Would you like information on hiring Quickbooks?

Hi alberto-garcia-d Thanks for reaching out to us here on the Community. How can we assist you?

Level 1

Would you like information on hiring Quickbooks?

Good morning;
Our company wants to open a subsidiary in the US and we would like to have Quickbook for this.

But we have a series of questions about it. We work with only online sales (shopify, amazon, ebay...) how many connectors can be connected at most?
Would sales come in instantly from all connectors?
What banks can be synchronized?

Would there be a possibility of speaking or managing it with an agent in Spanish?

QuickBooks Team

Would you like information on hiring Quickbooks?

I'm here to help make sure your concerns about integrating your sales channels and transactions are addressed through the appropriate support, Alberto.


First, you'll need to subscribe to a QuickBooks Online (QBO) US account, as the business is a subsidiary in the United States. This will ensure accurate data in your financial records, taxes, and forms.


Visit this site to learn more about the features available in each version: Plans & Pricing. From there, click the Choose plan button for the QuickBooks you want to subscribe to and follow the online instructions to complete the process. 


QBO is designed as a platform to integrate with different third-party applications or connectors. Multiple connectors can be used, with each one linked to a unique e-commerce account. For example, you can connect to Shopify, eBay, and Amazon using a single connector for each platform. However, it’s not possible to use two connectors for the same sales channel. 


Regarding the banks, are you attempting to link them to QBO or Shopify, Amazon, and eBay? If you are referring to the online program, open each link below to view the list of supported financial institutions in the US and UK:

If your banks are not yet supported, download the entries manually via CSV file. The following links outline the complete steps in each region:

We've already streamlined the process of contacting our QBO Care Team. You'll have to sign up for our Callback process to get to our phone support. Then, inform our specialists that you wish to speak with Spanish support.


To get acclimated to the features and tasks you can perform in QBO US, feel free to open each link below to access our online tutorials and articles:

Don't hesitate to visit the Community again if you need further assistance navigating through QuickBooks or have other product-related concerns or questions. We're here to make sure everything is taken care of for you.

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