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Level 1

Lloyds Bank: connection has expired



This morning I have looked to update the transactions coming through from Lloyds bank as I do every day, but without warning 8 of the 9 companies I'm currently managing have come up with the following message:


Your Lloyds Bank Business Banking (UK)... connection has expired
UK Open Banking regulation requires you to authorise your bank connections every 90 days. Reconnect now to keep your transactions coming into QuickBooks.


This makes little sense as:

a) 3 of the companies had their bank connection re-authorised just a couple of weeks ago

b) there was no warning given yesterday / previously to advise that the connection was soon to expire

c) it's strange that the transactions are still coming through for just the one company, when it has been treated exactly the same as all the other ones I manage


If anyone can help / advise, that would be much appreciated!


Kind regards





John C
QuickBooks Team

Lloyds Bank: connection has expired

Hi TDO1 We'd be grateful if you can reach out to our telephone support team on: 0808 234 5337 or if you are an accountant 0808 168 8175 and they will be able to assist you further and they have the facility to do a screen share which makes the assistance easier.  

Mark Armistead
Level 7

Lloyds Bank: connection has expired

This thread may help you Trevor. Had the same thing with HSBC. Ignore the first two replies, scroll down to Ashleigh's reply.



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