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Making Tax Digital HMRC Connection

I have just transferred from Xero to Quickbooks and at present my VAT page has an error message, no details for the current quarter, and when I click on the take action button I get this:


"We can't connect to HMRC

This could be because you recently:


  • signed up for a Making Tax Digital account with HMRC
  • submitted a VAT return to HMRC

If so, hold tight. HMRC should restore the connection within 72 hours."


I have been through all of the reconnection steps with Quickbooks help, clearing the cache, disconnecting, reconnecting etc, and I have been in touch with HMRC as well who told me about 3 weeks ago that they would resolve the issue within 10 days, clearly that has not happened


My current VAT quarter just ended (December to February), now I've scanned through similar topics on the forum and seen a few people saying you cannot access the VAT submission until the return is due. As the period has ended, does this mean I'll now be able to access the VAT return at some point this week? My deadline for submission and payment is 7 April and I definitely do not want to be waiting until then and inevitably get hit with a late payment fine if HMRC are only receiving the return a day or two before the deadline.


Can anyone shed some light on this? I've been battling with this for weeks now, and I certainly didn't have this kind of grief with VAT on Xero...


QuickBooks Team

Making Tax Digital HMRC Connection

Hello Sgarrod, 


Welcome to the Community page, 


You will need to ring the helpline on 0808 234 5337 and give them your vat registration number then the agent will be able to have a look in the system for you to see what is being sent by HMRC to us and yes if the end date of the period has been reached, the end of Feb, then you should be able to submit the return. 

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Making Tax Digital HMRC Connection


I have the same issue with not being able to connect to HMRC and getting the message that it should reconnected within 72 hours and if it does not to contact HMRC. 

After it did not connect within 72 hours I phoned HMRC and was hold for 35 minutes before I could speak to somebody. What I was informed was I have to write a letter to HMRC to request the release of the VAT data so that Quickbooks was authorized to synchronize the VAT data. 

Have you come across this before? 

Regards, Owen

QuickBooks Team

Making Tax Digital HMRC Connection

Hello Owen, We would say if that is what HMRC are advising to do it would be a case of following their instructions. We do welcome any users with a similar experience to reply to this thread.


Making Tax Digital HMRC Connection

Hello Community Users, We just wanted to pop into this thread about MTD connection errors and add a helpful article on fixing MTD errors here. You're welcome to post on this thread if you have difficulty with it or it does not resolve the problem you're having.

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