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Convert Estimate to Sales Receipt

Is there a way to convert an estimate to a sales receipt in Quickbooks online? Even if there was a quick way to copy the items list over that would be helpful.


Sometimes when customers come to the shop they ask for a price for what they are looking for. After making an estimate they then decide on whether to buy the products there and then. If they do then we end up manually re-entering the list of items onto a sales receipt. If there was a way to easily copy the items over onto a sales receipt that would be ideal!

QuickBooks Team

Convert Estimate to Sales Receipt

Hello sales16,


You can only copy an estimate to an invoice - the only workaround for this would be to create an invoice then mark it as paid straight away.


The copy function only copies the information into a new estimate, and so would not work in your situation.


Please use the feedback tool under the cog wheel within your account to submit this suggestion directly to the developers. They will then look into implementing this within future updates, if possible.