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Level 1

Credit Notes

For various reasons, an invoice will sometimes be incorrect and an equal and opposite credit note will need to be issued - QBO does not allow the conversion of an invoice into a credit note with the exact same details!  Has anyone found a way around this problem or is it necessary to manually enter the same details (on the invoice) into a blank credit note form?  Many Thanks  Barrie ([email address removed])

Level 6

Credit Notes

Hi @DavidCB1971 


If the customer is amenable & the invoice has not yet been filed (for VAT) you could always amend & re-send the invoice.


There is no way (I will stand to be corrected) to auto-fill a credit note from an invoice.

The quickest way (if using on a desktop browser) is to have two windows/tabs open at the same time - one showing the invoice & the other showing the credit note - simply copy/paste from invoice to credit note.


(QBO allows multiple tabs open as you aren't trying to save the same thing from different tabs)


Hope this helps.

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