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Level 2

Customise Tasks widget on Homepage

Is there any way of editing the items that come up in the Tasks widget? Or at least making whole widget box bigger so all are can be on show at one time?

I want to see 'Respond to your recurring template reminders' on the Home dashboard under Tasks, but this is now at the bottom of a list after 'Remind your customers', 'Pay overdue bill' and 'Pay bills due in the next week', none of which are my main priority.

Is is not possible to customise the individual order of the tasks showing in the Tasks widget?

QuickBooks Team

Customise Tasks widget on Homepage

Hi there, @Oil2341. Being able to customize your tasks to view your main priority is important. Since this isn't possible in QuickBooks Online, we can send feedback about it.


We want to ensure you have the best possible experience while using our system. With that being said, I recommend submitting a product request regarding this. This way, our engineering team can review this and may apply it to the later updates in our program. To send one, here's how:


  1. Go to Tasks. 
  2. Click Give Feedback.
  3. Write a brief suggestion about your suggestion.
  4. Hit Submit. 




You can read this article for guidance in setting up a workflow for your customer: Use workflows in QuickBooks Online Advanced to send reminders.


I'll be happy to assist you if you have other concerns about personalizing the order of the tasks in your QBO. Don't forget to hit the reply button if you have one.

Level 2

Customise Tasks widget on Homepage

The example you show to advise me how to send feedback is from Advanced, as far as I can see, not from my version of QB Online, but I have sent feedback anyway, thank you.

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