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Delete all transactions and Sales



we are due to switch over to QBO at the start of our new financial year 1st July. My question is I have connected my bank accounts, credit cards, PayPal and my inventory system Quickbooks Commerce. I am testing everything out, setting up my chart of accounts, tags etc. When I switch on the 1st I would like to delete all of the transaction data. What is the best way to handle this?

Fiat Lux - ASIA
Level 15

Delete all transactions and Sales

If you are using QBO Simple Start or your account > 60 days old, you are unable to purge it. You should open a new QBO account instead.


Anyway, do you want to use QuickBooks Commerce? You should know that starting June 2022, only QBO US version works with it. You should explore another inventory management app.

QuickBooks Team

Delete all transactions and Sales

Hi paulfredaldous, if the account is within 90 days of the subscription start date, you can follow our guide here to wipe the account and start over - if you're just looking to remove the transactions, and not any accounts or tags, you'd need to manually delete these instead. :woman_technologist:

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