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Jason Booth
Level 1

Entering new customers

I have been using Quickbooks for nearly 3 years and the section where I enter customer details has always been the same, it has recently changed and the page now opens on a split screen with things all jumbled up, this I can get round but the issue I have is if I have mutliple customers with the same name, for example if I have a multiple Mr David Smith, I can save one as Mr Smith, one as Mr D Smith and one as Mr David Smith but after I've used those 3 options I cannot save another David Smith.

Previously I have been able to just press space bar in the middle name or before or after the surname and this would recognise this as a different name but it seem that since whatever ridiculous update has been done it doesn't allow me to do this, I spoke to Quickbooks who suggested saving it as Mr Smith1 but as it prints the name on the invoice it does look a bit ridiculous doing this, Quickbooks have been absolutely no help whatsoever to the point that I am now looking at other software but feel reluctant to start again with another provider.

Has anyone else come across this issue ?


QuickBooks Team

Entering new customers

Hello Jason Booth, So all you need to do is when adding a new customer in, if you put  for example the MR Smith in the first and last name section, then where it says display name you add the 1 in so it reads Mr Smith1. This will then only show in quickbooks and not in the actual invoice you send off to the customer, it will show as just Mr Smith for them, but you know by having the 1 on it which Mr Smith it is for. There is no other way to show this in QuickBooks if you have already got multiple Mr Smiths entered into your account. Any questions at all let us know we'd be happy to help further.

Jason Booth
Level 1

Entering new customers

Apologies, I read it wrong, I just save it as Mr Smith and add the 1 in the display, sorry I read it as I put a 1 after the name in the surname box, thank you that seems to be a solution.

If you would like any feedback though then it was a lot easier when I could use a space and also the old menu for entering customer details was a lot more user friendly, thank you for offerring a solution on that though.

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