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File location

QB 2014 Pro (UK). Trying to tidy up my PC. Where does QB.exe and/or QB Launcher look for Company and related files. I have various spread around my hard disk. Thanks.


File location

Hello there, Bigyin.


I can guide you in finding your working or backup files with QuickBooks.


To do this, follow the steps below:


  1. Simply choose Find a company file from the No Company Open window's options.
  2. This window often appears when you initially launch QuickBooks or when you save your company file.
  3. The following file extensions are automatically searched for in the Find a Company File window:
  • .QBW, your QuickBooks working file.
  • .QBB, your QuickBooks backup file.

You can check this article to learn more about locating backups and company files in QuickBooks. Although this article is for United States version, this can also be applier to UK version of QuickBooks: Locating Backups and Company Data Files.


Please get in touch with me if you require assistance with managing your QuickBooks files or anything else. I'll be around to assist. Have a great day!

Level 1

File location

Re: File location Thank you for your quick reply. When I exit QB, it does not close the company so I don't see "No Company File Open" when I open from the launcher next time. It automatically opens the last file used. However, I have two company files. The current one and one that I closed 9 years ago that I sometime reference for previous customer kob information. Over the years, various copies of these file have become spread accross my HDD and I want to delete all those that aren't any longer relevant (and duplicates. When I do a search I find a lot of other files other than .QBW and .QBB e.g ND,) TLG, Search Index. Are these required or are they automatically generatyed when I open QB. Imon Windows 7 by the way which I don't think makes a difference. Thank you.

QuickBooks Team

File location

It's great to have you here again, @Bigyin.


I'm glad you were able to access the company file after relaunching the software. With regards to the other QuickBooks files being saved on your HDD, you need to review them thoroughly.


There should only be one QBW file (working file) per company file, unless you have saved a portable file, or you saved a duplicate of it. You only need to take a look at the latest date, as it will tell you which file you've been using.


Regarding the QBB files (backup copies of the company file), you also need to check the latest one. Then, you can remove or transfer the other files to another location if you wish to keep them.


Please let me know if this helps. I'll be right here if you need further help.

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