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Sam De Pasquale
Level 1

How to receive payment in to a client account

I have one main bank account


This has a sub account setup as a client account


I have received money from a client and cannot for the life of me figure out how to get this in to the client account without causing all sorts of problems.

The transaction shows up under the banking tab but whenever I add this transaction, it is showing up as a PAYMENT in the Client Account rather than a deposit.


If I change this by editing the transaction in the chart of accounts, it initially shows the account as my main one, changing this to the client account then registers BOTH the deposit and payment of £400 resulting in a net balance of £0.


Deleting the payment results in both transactions being deleted.


I am at a total loss here. Please can you help.

QuickBooks Team

How to receive payment in to a client account

I'll make sure that you're books are accurate, Sam De Pasquale.


It could be that this transaction was reversely posted in your bank that's why it showing as a payment instead of a deposit. I recommend reaching out to your financial institution to check and rectify this transaction.


To fix this issue in your QuickBooks account, we can simply exclude this transaction on your Banking page to get rid of it. Then, we'll have to manually create the deposit in the subaccount to ensure that your records are accurate. We can use a sales receipt, invoice payment, or bank deposit in handling this transaction.


I'll be guiding you in doing this whole process:


  1. Click the + New button
  2. Select Bank deposit, Receive payment, or Sales receipt.
  3. Enter the necessary information, such as amount, date, and customer.
  4. Make sure to select the subaccount in the Deposit to or Account drop-down menu.
  5. Hit Save when you're ready.

I've added an article that will help guide you in categorizing your bank transactions in QuickBooks Online.


If I can be of any further assistance, don't hesitate to visit the Community again. I'm always available here and ready to help.

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