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Invoice customising header size

When I create an invoice and the description cell of the invoice has a lot of content, the template automatically feeds the content section to the 2nd page and then the 1st page just contains the 'Header' part of the invoice.

This looks completely odd and disjointed. 

I end up with;

page 1 Header,

page 2 Content,

page 3 Footer.


Not the best image being portrayed to my customers, so I then have to amend the printed .pdf document in Adobe to reset all the fields and to delete the wasted page of content.

There must be an easier way of creating better-looking invoices.

QuickBooks Team

Invoice customising header size

Thanks for reaching out to us here, @iqsoftware.


I'll share some information about the invoice description. It seems that the description field has taken more space from your invoice template. Currently, the option to adjust the settings of the description field is unavailable. You'll want to follow your steps on deleting the extra space as a workaround.


If you want to learn more about customizing invoice templates, check this article: Customise invoices, estimates, and sales receipts in QuickBooks Online.



I'm also attaching this link here in case you need help with other customer-related tasks. Just choose a topic that'll fit your concern: Topics about your company's income and customers.



Please know that you're always welcome to reply anytime if you have follow-up questions or concerns with invoices. I'll be around for you. Take care and have a good one.




Level 1

Invoice customising header size

Thank you for your reply.

Is it really a case that the limited customisation of invoices is so restrictive that I can only make amendments based on the simple click and select option available.

What has happened to the flexibility that was available in earlier desktop versions?

I note your comment that 'the option to adjust the settings of the description field is unavailable'.  This seems a little odd.  However, it seems to be more related to the Header element on the page, which does not have a size adjustment.  As soon as I enter too much text into the cell, the 'Content section is promoted to its own page leaving a massive gap underneath the Header element.

Clearly, this can be rectified manually within Adobe but this is not the ideal solution.  Most of the invoices I create contain a lot of information in the Description cell as this is what my clients demand.  There must be an easier workaround than; printing, opening in Adobe, spending 10-15 mins realigning every cell, saving and printing again.  Especially when I can have a large number of invoices to create in a day.


It does seem strange that a new updated version of a solution is available but with many limitations not previously there.  I have used the QB desktop version for many years and it was a good little tool.  When I moved to the online version I also used the downloadable desktop version, but this is no longer available.


I get frustrated with limited options and reduced flexibility from newer versions which come with a higher cost.

SAAS services are supposed to make our working experience less of a challenge and should be about creating a more flexible and versatile solution.  At the moment I am not seeing it with QB. 

Rant over, I will monitor to see if I can get any better solutions from any other QB users.  Hopefully, it is just me missing some easy fix.

Thank you.

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