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Jordi J
Level 2

Invoice download

When downloading invoices the pdf has a different number to that on the invoice.

The downloaded file has a name as 


This creates a PDF 4195, even though the invoice is 2103.

Each downloaded invoice consistently keeps the same last 4 numbers so how do I re-link  the real numbers to the invoice pdf. number

Interestingly this does not happen if you download the invoice from the customer link.





QuickBooks Team

Invoice download

Hi Jordi, 


Thanks for your post!


The number you're seeing on the PDF will be the transaction ID which is separate to the invoice number.


You can view the transaction ID by looking at the URL when the transaction is open on the browser, this will appear for example as txnId=36.


This transaction number is not customisable and is generated automatically when you enter transactions regardless of the transaction type, e.g. if the first transaction you entered was an invoice, it would show txnId=1, and if the second transaction was an expense, it would show txnId=2, and so on. If you delete a transaction, the system will still view the txnId as having being used, and so will move onto the next number. 


If you wish the PDF file name to contain the invoice number you would need to rename this when downloading the PDF - please get back to us below if you have any questions :smiling_face_with_smiling_eyes: 



Jordi J
Level 2

Invoice download

Thanks for your reply, but as I pointed out when a customer downloads the invoice pdf from the link we send, the resultant pdf file is named "invoicenumber".pdf. So why is my downloading the file end up with  a transaction number. The same download subroutine could be used for both situations?


Invoice download

Hello again, Jordi J. I appreciate your input from every angle. 


As mentioned by my colleague GeorgiaC, the URL will show the transaction ID when opened on the browser in which the system automatically assigned it. However, when downloading a transaction, it is designed that the downloaded file name would be the transaction type and number. 


I know how you'd want the two processes to be the same. Your input and insights about the products’ features will guide us on how to make the program works best for your business. 


While we continue to make your experience with us even better, I recommend visiting our QuickBooks Blog to get the recent news, information about the latest features, and updates. 


If you need further assistance in managing your account, leave me a comment below. It's always a pleasure to help you. Take care.

Jordi J
Level 2

Invoice download

Thanks Miriam,

It is not a new feature surely its a bug, every other download of invoice or statement etc. Does not pass on the transaction code to the pdf document and either puts a bland document as for statements or invoice number. If emailed as an attachment it carries the invoice number.

Is the problem caused by having the download follow what is basically a print routine where the file name is immaterial, so the clean up code used elsewhere in the software was never included?




PS, love the response times from you.


Invoice download

Thanks for getting back to our forum, @Jordi J,


The file name of your PDF file normally differs depending on the path where you download it. Like for example, if the customer downloaded the invoice by clicking the attachment on the email they receive from you, the system copies the information sent from QuickBooks since you are directly opening it form the source link. See this:


Once they view the invoice differently, like clicking the Print or save, View invoice, and Pay now buttons or using a shared link on the email body, this opens a new window on the browser creating an external path. The file name is now assigned by the customers browser or computer, which is why the PDF link is different the moment they download it.



This information does not affect the invoice information a client receives. However, if yours is completely a different case from the scenario I've added, kindly reach out to an IT professional to check further on this.


You may also get back to me with the screenshots and additional information on what it looks like on your end. I'll be more than happy to check on them for you, and I'm here to help you at any time.

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