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George Cotter
Level 2

Mark an Invoice as Sent

Hi there,


I use the SoleTrader version of the software. I'm wanting to mark invoices as sent without sending them using the QuickBooks system. I send my invoices along with monthly reports and I attached them to one email covering everything. I've exported the invoices as PDF but I want to mark the invoices as sent, as I can't mark them as paid before doing so.


On a side note the email that is sent from QuickBooks looks awful in Outlook so I would have avoided it anyway.





QuickBooks Team

Mark an Invoice as Sent

Hello George, Thanks for posting on the Community page, In QuickBooks self-employed you can't mark as paid an invoice without emailing/sending the invoice first.

George Cotter
Level 2

Mark an Invoice as Sent

Hi Ashleigh,


I want to mark as invoice as sent without using Quickbooks to send it. I'm exporting to PDF and sending via a separate email.



QuickBooks Team

Mark an Invoice as Sent

Hi George, the system will only allow this to be marked as paid once emailed; if you're not looking to send this via QuickBooks, you can email the invoice(s) to a personal address instead to view this option. 

Level 1

Mark an Invoice as Sent

This is insanity. Why can't we simply download an invoice and send ourselves? 


Mark an Invoice as Sent

Hi there, @pl15.


Currently, QuickBooks Self-Employed (QBSE) is designed to send invoice so you can mark them as paid. 


We recognize that each company has unique needs, and I can see how the feature you're looking for would benefit and empower your business. I recommend sending this request straight to our product engineers through feedback. It helps us improve the features of the program.


To send feedback, here's how:


  1. Go to the Assistant feature.
  2. Type in Submit Feedback.
  3. Select Add a feature.
  4. Enter your suggestions.
  5. Choose Yes.


You can read through this article to help you manage your invoices: Create invoices in QuickBooks Self-Employed.


In case you'd want to enter expense receipts in the future, here's an article you can check guidance: Record or attach expense receipts in QuickBooks Self-Employed.


Let me know if you have any other questions. I'm a few clicks away to help. Have a good day!

George Cotter
Level 2

Mark an Invoice as Sent

Thanks for this. I have submitted the feature request. 


Just seems like fairly standard functionality to me. No idea why the system forces you to actually send an email, even if it's just to yourself. Plus, the email Quickbooks sends (from what I've seen in a number of email clients) looks awful. I offer email marketing as a service, so I don't those emails being sent to my customers. 


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