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Problem with User rights in Quickbooks Desktop 2020

There seem to be major bug in QuickBooks Desktop 2020 with regards to user rights.

A user is able to delete a transaction although he does not have the right. I have tested it on different PC and different companies and the problem persists.


A normal user with access rights to create sale invoice only is able to delete the transaction created by them although they have no right to delete a transaction. User also has no access to Purchases, Banking, Sensitive Account and Reporting.

Screen 1 giving restricted access.jpgScreen 2  access to sales create transactions only.jpgScreen 3 cannot change or delete transaction.jpgScreen 4 Access rights summary.jpgScreen 5 Deleting invoice.jpgScreen 6 Invoice delete although user has no right to delete.jpg

Waiting for Quickbooks to issue a patch to fix this MAJOR bug ASAP.


anybody else getting the same issue




Problem with User rights in Quickbooks Desktop 2020

Hi there, @Shorabc.


Maintaining restrictions on other QuickBooks users is essential to prevent messing up your accounting data. In this case, let's ensure that your QuickBooks Desktop (QBDT) program is updated to the latest release. This will keep your system having updated components that fix common issues.


Once done, let's review the restrictions you've select for the user in question. You'll need to make sure that the Change or Deleting transactions option is disabled. Here's how:


  1. Go to the Company menu.
  2. Click Set Up Users and Passwords.
  3. Choose Set Up Users.
  4. Highlight the name of the user in question and select View User.
  5. Check the Change or Deleting transactions option if it is marked as N. If not, edit the user access


For more info, please check this article: QuickBooks Desktop Users and Restrictions.


Now, let's test if the user can still delete transactions. Log out to QBDT and log in as the user with limited access. Next, go to the Customers menu and choose Customer Center. From there, open any customer's transaction and select the Delete button. They should receive an error that they can't delete the transaction. See screenshot below:


However, if everything is correct and you still experience the same thing. I highly recommend reaching out to our Technical support team. This way they can further investigate the root cause of the issue. You can also request a screen sharing session so they can check your setup and give you additional steps to fix it. Let me walk you through the process:


  1. Head to the QuickBooks Help page at this link. 
  2. Click QuickBooks Desktop.
  3. Under the What can we help you with? section, select the category of your concern. Example: Data & Company Files and then, Open and access data file
  4. Next, choose either Call Us or Message Us.


Community articles are also a great help to guide you with your QuickBooks tasks. You can either save them or bookmark them for future use. To do so, just type the keyword of your concern in the search bar or select any of the categories displayed. 


Feel free to get back here if you have further concerns about setting up user access in QBDT. I'll be always around to help. Keep safe. 

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Problem with User rights in Quickbooks Desktop 2020

Hi Divina

I already followed all the steps as I have been doing that for years now.

The screenshots I have provided show that I have followed all the steps in restricting access.


My QuickBooks file is also updated to the latest version. see below:




Screen 7 Update version QB2020.jpg




Doing the test again I have found out that:

1. The user is able to delete any transactions just created as long as he is still logged in.

2. As soon as the user logs off and logs in again, only then he cannot delete the transaction.

How can we prevent this from happening?


QuickBooks Team

Problem with User rights in Quickbooks Desktop 2020

Hello Shorabc, Thanks for your reply, we've done some testing on the 2020 version and it looks like it only allows you to delete your own transactions during that login, and then once you log off it removes that ability. however, we are looking at getting clarification on this for you and reply back here, with 2021 being the latest version,  can we ask will you be updating to that?

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