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We've recently moved from QB Desktop to QB Online and after numerous issues, workarounds and hurdles we've now come up against an issue that we just can't seem to get past and wanted to see if anyone had a solution.


We have a sales team who need access to our customers and suppliers, but certainly shouldn't have access to our chart of accounts, current bank balances etc. We've set them up as a Standard User with limited access and both Customers and Suppliers selected. The sales team will often need to view a products sales/cost history when determining a best price for a customer. To do this whilst with a customer in QB desktop they would navigate to items/services, find the item then press run quick report to be able to see all the previous invoices, bills and purchase orders for the product. In QB online they are navigating to products and services, search for the item and then press 'run report' to see the transactions related to this product. However with their user access they are unable to access the report. The message we receive on screen is 'something went wrong, we are working on it' after spending 3 hours talking to the online support I was told 'they don't have access to this report' All the details contained on this report are accessible albeit in different reports under the report section on their access levels.


Has anyone else come across this issue? Or have a quick and easy workaround to enable us to effectively service our customers? After the numerous issues and frustrations with QB Online it looks like we'll be looking for an alternative supplier after over 15 years with QB desktop. 




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Welcome to the Community, @NicW.


I want to ensure your sales team will be able to run a report in QuickBooks Online.


A browser-related issue is a possible reason I'm seeing why they're getting an error message when running the report.


Let's use an incognito or a private browser to confirm the issue. Open any browser, then follow these shortcut keys to use an incognito window: 


  • Chrome simply press Ctrl + Shift + N.
  • Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer, press Ctrl + Shift + P.
  • Safari, press Command + Shift + N. Make sure you're using the latest version.


If it works, follow the steps to clear your browsing data to remove unwanted files that are causing the error. 


Otherwise, try using another supported, up-to-date browser


For future reference, read through this article and learn about customizing your report to view the specific data you want to appear: Customise reports in QuickBooks Online.


Additionally, check this resource if you want to use your report outside of QuickBooks: Export your reports to Excel from QuickBooks Online


Let us know if you have further questions about running reports by adding comments. We're always here to help you out. Take care!

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Hi Deb


We've tried edge, chrome and firefox and incognito mode in all of these so unfortunately this isn't the solution?



QuickBooks Team

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Hello NicW, Thanks for posting on this thread, please can you ring the support line on 0808 234 5337, the line is open mon to fri 8am to 7pm so can set up a screenshare and the agent on the phone can look into this more with you thanks. 

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