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Sollars Marine
Level 2

Quick Books Self Employed- Personal Questions



I am thinking of moving to quick books self employed but nit having the best of times getting clear answers from sales team and am now hitting the buffers with a trial version, Perhaps I could prevail on you good people to help me?


1. I currently use 1Tap to keep records of receipts and invoices. I have a dedicated email address so that if an invoice comes in I can just send it straight in (or I can snap it) Am I correct in thinking that Quickbooks self employed does offer this?

2. 1 Tap allows me to send a batch of receipts in which it then processes and shows on my accounts. I think that I can only snap one at a time with the app?

3. Do I understand correctly that Quickbooks does not automatically save receipts unless they are inspected and the 'save' button is pressed?

4. Why do the account 'rules' not function as I would expect, I was being asked to split and nominate expenses and income that rules were already set up for?

5. I have now used and abused a free trial account, how can I  delete all the information and start afresh for real? I have disconnected bank accounts and deleted as many items as I can but many can't be deleted, only excluded. If I go to account settings I cannot find anywhere to delete account and if I try and set up new I get the message that my email address is already in use.


I also have an issue with a tescos Credit card but I see I am not the only one on that.


Sorry for such a long post, I hope you can help.


Kind Regards to all. Barney 

QuickBooks Team

Quick Books Self Employed- Personal Questions

Hello Solars Marine


1.The receipt capture function is currently only able to scan receipts for expenses not invoices


2.The receipt snap and sort function in the Self Employed app is where you can take a picture of the receipt and it will create the expense and attach the receipt.You can only snap one at a time on the app


3.There is also a receipt forwarding service which you can set up with your email and forward your receipts there.You can set this up here


4.The rules function in the banking should (based on the set up) allocate a category to the banking transaction unless you have put a split within the rule it should not ask you to split a transaction.Do you have an example of this you could attach as a private message?


5.You can not delete all the information in a trial however you can take out a new subscription


Tesco's website have changed their authentication process to validate that access to the website is being done through the user. As we are a third party and part of the log in is automated we are failing to load the page.Our engineers are working on a fix and open banking which is a new feature is coming in the next few months which will not need an online login and that will stop things like this from affecting the connection,more information can be found here


Any questions let us know






Sollars Marine
Level 2

Quick Books Self Employed- Personal Questions

Thanks for your help Emma.


When you say that I can open a new account to start 'afresh' is it possible to use the email address that I used for the trial? If so, how, as it stands, when I try and sign up for a subscription it tells me my email address is already taken.


Thanks, Barney.


Quick Books Self Employed- Personal Questions

Hello again, Sollars Marine,


I appreciate you getting back to the Community and providing detailed information.


In line with your concern, yes, you can subscribe with the same email address but with different username.


To start, change first the username on your Trial account. Here's how:

  1. Click the Gear icon at the top.
  2. Under About you section, click Profile.
  3. Go to Sign In & Security section, then click the Edit link under User ID row.
  4. Edit the User ID and enter Password.
  5. Click Save.

Once done, try to subscribe again using the same email address. Keep in mind that upon entering email address, you'll be prompted with This user ID is already taken message. Just click on Sign in to continue the process and enter the necessary information.


That's it! By following the steps above, I'm confident that you're able to subscribe with the same email address.


I'd appreciate if you can update me on how it goes. I'll be here if there's anything else you need help with. Have a great day!

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