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QuickBooks desktop UK to online

I'm having trouble converting from QuickBooks desktop pro to online plus the desktop tool no longer works and I have subscribed to online plus.The services move my books is inconsistent as trial balance report is incorrect and also I have some multicurrency accounts i.e usd and euro but it only performed conversion to one currency. My question is why is it being difficult to convert from desktop to online while for the US version the process is seamless.


QuickBooks desktop UK to online

Hello. Allow me to provide information about the conversion process from QBDT to QBO, Bkinyanjui.


The tool for transferring data from QuickBooks Desktop to QuickBooks Online is no longer available in the UK as it is no longer supported.

We offer an alternative option through the Movemybooks service to transfer your QBDT accounting data to QBO. It is designed to convert to one currency only, which is the standard behavior. Please note that the Trial Balance report may appear differently on different platforms due to platform differences.

I understand that you prefer a seamless process for moving your data, similar to what is available in other regions. Due to an unsupported platform, you'll have to use Movemybooks or an alternative method to get it done.

If you need further help, you can also contact Movemybooks support for your specific needs. They are the ones who can guide you, provide detailed explanations, troubleshoot common issues, and gain a better understanding of the features and functionality offered by Movemybooks.


You can find more details in these articles for additional information:


Lastly, you can check out this article for more details and tips when performing new tasks in your QBO account: Get started with QuickBooks Online


You can add another post to this thread if you have any concerns about QuickBooks Online. I'll make sure to come back and assist you further.

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QuickBooks desktop UK to online


As I know, MMB can't convert data with multi currency transactions. You can contact @Fiat Lux - ASIA and they can help you to do so. Another option, start your QBO from scratch and keep using your QB Desktop to access historical data.

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QuickBooks desktop UK to online

Then this whole process of moving to online was unnecessary if the customer has to incur subscription cost and migration cost.This is an intuit product they should provide their customers with the necessary tools for migration not redirecting them to a 3rd party company that is not capable of transferring the data accurately.

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