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Naeem Ashraf
Level 1

Inventory Item



I have an stock stock part in item list and have been using this item in customers invoices since 2 years. When I try to use this item now to create customer invoice, I am getting the error that this item does not exist in the item list. But when I check the items list this item exit. Can anyone help to resolve this issue.

QuickBooks Team

Inventory Item

Hi there, Naeem Ashraf.


I'm here to provide steps on how to resolve this issue. And, I appreciate for checking the items list to make sure that the item you want to use to create invoice is in the Item List.


Since this item is in the list, I suggest re-sorting the item list. Doing this can resolves any unexpected behavior such as getting an error and to puts a list back to its default order.


Here's how:


  1. Click the Lists menu.
  2. Select Item list.
  3. Click the Item drop-down arrow located at the bottom of the page.
  4. Choose Re-sort List.
  5. You'll be prompted with Are you sure you want to return this list to its original order, hit the OK button.


Once done, you can now create a customer invoice using the item you want to use.


If the issue persists, I recommend running the verify/rebuild tool. This is to detect the data damage and automatically fix minor company file data. Follow these steps:


  1. Go to the File menu then pick Utilities from the list.
  2. Select the Verify Data tool then wait until the diagnosis is done.
  3. If there are issues, proceed to rebuilding the company file.
  4. Tap File menu then hover over Utilities.
  5. Pick Rebuild Data then click OK.
  6. Follow the onscreen steps to save a backup.

For additional information, please check this article: Verify and Rebuild Data in QuickBooks Desktop.This also provides details what are the reasons to use the Verify and Rebuild features.


Please refer to this article to see which lists to repair, and how to repair them in QBDT: Re-sort lists.


Please know that you're always welcome to post if you have any other concerns. Wishing you and your business continued success.

Naeem Ashraf
Level 1

Inventory Item

Hi Christie,


Tried both Re-Sort List and Rebuild Data but the issue still persists.



QuickBooks Team

Inventory Item

Hello Naeem, 


If you have rebuilt the data and resorted the list and it still doesn't find it. I suggest you are best calling in and speaking to our desktop agents, they will be able to sort this issue out you are having and set up a screen share so they can see what is going on.  The number to call is 0808 168 9535

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