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Sales Statement Number Alignment

How do i edit our sales statement to make the "Open Amount" figures align to the right rather than to the left as they do at the moment, which looks awful.

I have asked our QBO agent how to do it and the




QuickBooks Team

Sales Statement Number Alignment

Hello SC64,


Welcome to the QuickBooks Online Community.


You are not able to modify the view of the statement unfortunately; it pulls solely off the Master Template within Custom Form Styles - and I am not aware of any method in which you can edit this. You are welcome to feedback the request for further modification options of the statement within product via the Cog-Wheel and select Feedback.

Level 1

Sales Statement Number Alignment

So is this a standard fault with QBO and people send them out aligned left?


Sales Statement Number Alignment

Yes, it's the standard template, SC64.


I'll personally send your feedback so you'll have an option to align the Balance amounts according to your preference. Our developers might consider adding this on any future product updates.


Also, you can visit our QuickBooks Online blog regularly. From there, you'll be updated with the features and enhancements that our developers are currently working on.


I'll be right here to help with any additional questions you have.


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