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Level 2

Transfer transactions for Projects

We take client deposits and are obligated to transfer them to a client.  When we buy materials on a client's behalf we draw down on these deposits transferring them back to our current account prior to purchasing the materials.

It would, therefore, be useful if we could see transfers in the Transaction list for a Project to make to easy to keep track of the remaining deposit balance.

John C
QuickBooks Team

Transfer transactions for Projects

Hi spookie As you've discovered it's only possible to track transaction within a project other than those listed in the 'Add to the project' field, you'll have to track them against the actual customer.🙇🏽 We will of course pass your comments on to our developers for their consideration. :hugging_face:

Level 2

Transfer transactions for Projects

Thanks John.


Would be good to get it added.


Otherwise, it is another nail in the coffin for Projects.

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