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Unable to access company data with QuickBooks Online...



We hope someone can help as we are in an endless loop with QuickBooks technical support, providing no resolution. I apologise in advance for the longevity of this post, however it is necessary to provide all the facts and share our experience with the community.


We had to convert from QuickBook Desktop to Online as payroll was no longer being supported in the Desktop version. We had always been skeptical of this transition and our fear has been proven to be correct. Using an online provider to manage such a crucial aspect of your business is risky. Right now we have had no accounting solution for almost 10 business days.


We already know all too well that QuickBooks online has issues with the stored cache, resulting in errors after logging in. Before contacting QuickBooks for any issues (since moving from Desktop to Online, the problems have been endless), we ensure the cache and history is cleared. We also attempt the connection via a computer that had never connected to QBO before, using different browsers on different platforms. We also resort to trying from a different network from another of our offices. Effectively we rule out all possibilities that this is not a user-based or system-based issue.


We were updating our chart of accounts and were presented with an error message saying "Something’s not quite right. An application error has occurred. Please try again later." Ever since that time, we are unable to access Profit and Loss, Chart of Accounts, Banking, Customer Invoices and many other functions. We cannot pay bills as our bank account will not populate in the drop down list when attempting to, therefore cannot be saved.


After chatting with a support agent who took us through the same procedure every-time to clear your cache, we had no resolution. We had to plead they escalate this to the development team as we fear a corruption with the data has caused this issue. We sent via email screenshots of the error messages. Despite all this information being relayed the agent continued to believe this was a user issue with the browser cache. After pleading they have someone in their development team look into they agreed for me to send all screenshots by email and they will escalate.


After 24hrs of no response we reached out again to check the status of our our support incident. Via the chat portal we asked to speak with a supervisor as our company has been without an accounting system and would be approaching payroll and this was urgent. We were provided a supervisor who was able to remote connect to our system to see the issues. They at least at this stage acknowledged there was in fact an issue and that it was not a cache! As we were showing them all the different areas within QuickBooks Online they took screenshots to provide to their development team.


The agent asked that we provide user access for their development team to log in. Normally we would be skeptical of providing this, but with no access to our accounting system we had little choice. We provided them with full user access.


Every day since, we have chased as to when this will be fixed but we receive minimal feedback. It is now approaching ten business days that we have been left hung out to dry with no resolution or feedback as to when this issue will be fixed. In any other circumstance, we would cancel our subscription and go elsewhere. However we cannot get our data out of QuickBooks Online. The export does not work...try again later.


We have attached screenshots that show the errors we receive within QuickBooks.


Some functionality does continue to work. For example we can run payroll, however we receive an error when it attempts to post a journal.


We continue to believe that there is a data corruption that occurred when we were working within the Chart of Accounts, specifically the income and balance sheet accounts. Any posting to these accounts is causing an error within QuickBooks. Despite pleading with QuickBooks to help, the supervisor is unable to provide a resolution. After chasing again today they offered us the following resolution:


• Purge/delete the data in the account and remigrate your data from Desktop. You only have 6 transactions and 12 Chart of accounts so you can manually import or enter these data.


• Create a new QBO account and manually transfer the data from your original account to the newly set up account. Then, we can cancel this account and provide you refund for the charges.


• Wait for the investigation to be fixed. We don't have specific time frame as to when it will be fixed considering that you're the only one affected of this issue. Our Engineers are non customer facing so they cannot call you but I am making a follow up to them every day.


We fail to understand why they believe there are only 6 transactions and 12 Chart of Accounts entries since migrating our data. We cut off QuickBooks Desktop 31st March 2020 and moved all transactions through that date to Online. We have posted sales, expenses and payroll from 1st April - 22nd May when this issue occurred. We had completed quarter reconciliation of our bank accounts and credit cards within QuickBooks Online. There is an incredible number of man hours we will loose if we were to just start again. If that is the only option, we will not use QuickBooks in fear of this happening again. But we have a dilemma, how do we get our data back?


We have informed the supervisor that if we are to wait ,we need to have an idea of when we can expect some response. Despite giving them complete access to our account their Care Team has logged in briefly twice on two different days.


Reaching out to this forum, we are hoping someone may have experienced a similar difficulty with data corruption or errors as these screenshots demonstrate. We cannot be more clear but this is NOT a cache issue. QuickBooks have acknowledged this. We have attempted to access our data from multiple computers,  and from multiple locations using different networks. We have other company QBO accounts that we *can* access from those same computers and same networks.


Thank you for taking the time to review and we’d be grateful if anyone can provide any feedback that may help. We are hopeful that someone else may be able to share a similar experience and recommend how this was remedied so we can pass this on to QuickBooks support staff.


Level 2

Unable to access company data with QuickBooks Online...

We have additional screenshots but it seems only one file can be attached per post. Here is another screenshot showing the error message when running a Profit Loss report.... 


Unable to access company data with QuickBooks Online...

Hello there, DXUK


Thanks for adding screenshots and providing detailed information about your concern.


I appreciate you letting us know about your experience reaching out to our Customer Care Team, especially the resolution steps performed to resolve this issue. I can see that you’ve been going back and forth with them to fix the problem. And this isn't the kind of experience I want for you.

Here at Intuit, it's our goal to address the needs of every QuickBooks user around the globe and make sure you get the best experience possible. 

In this situation you have, since this has been escalated, we will need to wait for our Product Engineers to provide an update on the progress of the issue. 


Please know that our engineers are treating this investigation with the utmost urgency to implement a fix. Rest assured, once a fix has been implemented you'll be updated. 


Moreover, I don’t like to leave you empty-handed, you'll want to visit our Community Help Articles hub in case you need some related articles in managing your account.


You're welcome to stop by the Community if you need anything else. I'm always here and ready to help. Take care.

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