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Unwanted email regarding receipt forwarding

I received the following email. But I'm not a Quickbooks user. I do use Mint. What, if anything, does it mean? Could it be legitimate for some other reason I'm not aware of? 

Register for receipt forwarding
Your receipt wasn’t received because it was sent from an email that’s not registered for receipt forwarding. 

Make sure you’re sending receipts from the email you used to create your QuickBooks account. To find out which email is registered, or to check if receipt forwarding is set up, sign in.

Level 1

Unwanted email regarding receipt forwarding

I've gotten 3 more since posting this. 


Unwanted email regarding receipt forwarding

Hello there, @jdrans.


I've got you covered in identifying official Intuit correspondence and websites, so you'll be protected from receiving phishing or hoax emails accordingly.


All official Intuit websites end in * (for example,,, and If you suspect you have received a phishing email targeting the Intuit brand, go to the Intuit Online Security Centre and select Go to security notices for further information. If you don't find a similar email within the Security notices, select the Report a suspicious email option to file a report.


To learn more about how to recognise official Intuit correspondence and websites, please see this article: Identify suspicious activity, phishing scams, and potential fraud.


Also, you may want to visit these pages as your reference to help you keep your information safe online and know the latest support scams so you can avoid them:



Please feel free to leave a comment below if you have other concerns about receiving emails from Intuit. I'm always ready to help. Take care, @jdrans.

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