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Using QuickBooks Desktop Pro after 06-23

HI all,


I am hoping that someone can provide me with a clear answer to a question that I have been asked. I have a client that is using Desktop Pro and wanted to know what will happen to their Desktop Pro after the June 2023 cease of support in preparation for the cloud version only support.


My client has already been in touch with QuickBooks support and the answer that they received is that they will no longer be able to use the QuickBooks Desktop Pro version (installed from download / CD) once the June 2023 has passed as they will not be able to complete any transactions.


I have done some searching and it all seems a bit confusing as to what will actually work and what won't For example, the software will run but then new installations will not be able to activate?


If anyone can provide some clarity on the above then that would be great.


Kind regards.

QuickBooks Team

Using QuickBooks Desktop Pro after 06-23

I appreciate you for reaching out to the Community, @JITS.


I'm here to share the details about the discontinuation of QuickBooks Desktop (QBDT) in the United Kingdom (UK).


With recent changes to accounting and tax regulations, we have opted to discontinue all QBDT services for our UK customers on June 30, 2023. That said, you'll be unable to access your QBDT data once effective. Billing will also stop on or shortly after this date.


Additionally, QBDT 2021 is the last version that we'll support for UK customers, and we'll no longer release a 2022 edition. However, you'll continue to receive full support until June 30, 2023.


You can read this article for further information: QuickBooks Desktop discontinuation support hub.


Moreover, you'll want to move from QBDT to QuickBooks Online (QBO). This way, you can continue managing your financial books and access them from any web browser.


If you still have questions about the discontinuation, please leave them in the reply section below. We'll ensure to get back to you right away to answer your queries. Stay safe!

Fiat Lux - ASIA
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Using QuickBooks Desktop Pro after 06-23


As I know, technically they won't be able to deactivate our one time license remotely unless we try to re-install and re-activate it. This policy has been in effect for all outdated QB Desktop US Enterprise over the past few years. 


As a precaution, make sure your client secures backup files for the last 3 days until the end of June. You will have 2 days over the weekend on July 1st to explore our options whether to convert the data to QB Online or another accounting app later.


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Using QuickBooks Desktop Pro after 06-23

Thanks for your response @JaeAnnC. Since the version that we are referring to could be as old as Desktop 2012 could we clarify exactly what will no longer be accessible or what will not function?


1, Can we still open QuickBooks and view the company data already created (this is in direct query to the information that @Fiat Lux - ASIA  (thanks Fiat Lux - ASIA) mentioned about not being able to access data after this date? and if it is only for a limited time, how long is this time period?

2, Can we still continue to perform the following tasks?

  • Send batch invoices and statements
  • Bank / Credit Card / Petty Cash Reconciliation
  • Pay Bills / Record Payments Received
  • Write cheque – to create a journal


3, Can you confirm that we cannot activate the software after this date if we need to reinstall it at any point after the end of June, due to activation servers going offline, then this will not be possible?


Sorry if there is any duplication of the answers that you have provided. I have been through the information provided in the links already and still not sure or clear on the impact it may have on the application and specifically the company data accessibility after the end of June.


Kind regards.

QuickBooks Team

Using QuickBooks Desktop Pro after 06-23

Hello JITS, thanks for posting on this thread, you will not be able to access anything on your desktop account or be able to do anything on your desktop account as it is being discontinued. You will only have access to until until end of june 2023. 


This is not true the limited time is you have until june 23 and that is it to move out of desktop to online or to another software. 


For Q2 you will not be able to carry out any of those bullitpoints after june 23 as the account will be discontinued so will not be able to get into it at all. 


For Q3 you cannot active the account as desktop UK is being discontinued you will need to either again move to our Online product or to another software before the end of june 2023. 


So basically this is what you need to take from this post, you WILL NOT BE ABLE TO USE IT AT ALL your desktop account as it is being DISCONTINUED also there's no limited time, as of midnight on the 30th June 2023 it will be switched off and we will be expiring all UK licenses so again you will not be able to do anything after this date. 

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