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dominic tang
Level 1

When a Billable Expense is partly refunded

Help!   I am using the billable expenses function in QBO.  Entering a billable expense is easy enough, and I can see the billable expense within the Project Code's list of transactions.  But this expense was partly refunded and I want to create an invoice which includes (a) the original expense and (b) the part refund.


How do I do this, because the refunded part is showing as a DEPOSIT - which no option to include on the invoice?  TIA!


When a Billable Expense is partly refunded

Hi dominic,


You can create an invoice out of the billable expenses to execute scenario A. Then, you can apply a partial payment to the invoice to execute scenario B. That's how we can apply the partial refund of the billable item.


Please post back if you have additional questions.

dominic tang
Level 1

When a Billable Expense is partly refunded

Thanks for replying.  Will the invoice created show both the billable expense and the partial payment.  Because this is being sent to the customer and they need to see both in order for them to know to pay the lower amount.  Kind regards, Dom

QuickBooks Team

When a Billable Expense is partly refunded

Thank you for coming back here in the Community, @dominic tang.


It's my pleasure to help you with billable expenses concerns in your account.


The billable option is not showing in the invoice section, so all you need to do so that your customer will know the lower amount they need to pay is to put a note in the description field. 


I've attached screenshots for your reference: 




And after that, process a partial refund to the specific customer, by clicking the Receive Payment on the upper right side, then enter the amount and hit Save and Close


received payment.PNG


For future reference on how to handle transactions, manage customers, and other related topics, please check out these articles below:

Feel free to leave a comment below if you have other follow up questions. I'm always here to help. Take good care always, dominic tang. 

dominic tang
Level 1

When a Billable Expense is partly refunded

Thank you.   I could not see the screenshot.  But anyway . . I'm not sure if your solution will work because of the VAT implication.  If I invoice for more than is required, then VAT will be paid on a higher amount.  To then process the part refund of the expense from the supplier as a payment received would not be accurate for the VAT


When a Billable Expense is partly refunded

The VAT does not affect when creating a part refund, dominic tang.


It only affects the total amount of the billable expense. Then, we'll have to make sure when receiving the payment, enter the partial amount. You can do this by modifying the Amount received.



Afterwards, this will create an open balance to the customer. This is the amount left that your customer will be paying.


I've also added the screenshot mentioned by Michelle_b.



Here's an article on how to manage recurring invoices: How to create a recurring invoice and manage recurring transactions.


I'll be right here if you still need help. Thank you!

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