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How to payback personal expense as director?

I have been purchasing fuel with my business debit card and keeping the receipts for expenses. I did not know that I needed to record mileage in order to claim the fuel as an expense. Now that I have been doing this for a while, how do I correct this in quickbooks, I have no records of mileage and the car is personal so I presume I will not be able to claim anything at all and I accept that, but I will therefore need to show I have paid the fuel transactions back somehow. How can I do this in quickbooks?


Many thanks.


How to payback personal expense as director?

Hello Kayleigh3, Welcome to the Community, if you are claiming for fuel using the actual expenses method you can manually add an expense for the fuel costs using the car/van expenses as the category by adding the transaction manually in the banking section or import the banking transactions and add it, if you are using the QuickBooks Self Employed product or you can create your own expense category and expense or import the bank transaction and add it if you are using the QuickBooks Online product. More information can be found on that here under the 2nd option on this help article for Self Employed

We've added a link to the HMRC page as well in case that is helpful to you.

Any questions feel free to add them onto this thread and we'd be happy to go into more detail if needed.

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How to payback personal expense as director?

I have a private limited company, I am the director and an employee. I cannot claim the fuel expenses as I stated in my question because I have not logged the mileage as required. 


So I have been logging my fuel as an expense under the category 'motor running expenses'. My question is, how do I now undo this and repay back the fuel I have spent using my company debit card as I can no longer claim.

QuickBooks Team

How to payback personal expense as director?

 Hello Kayleigh3, If you are using one of our Quickbooks Online accounts, its correct to record expense for the mileage as QuickBooks Online won't automatically convert the mileage to an expense, it is only possible in our QuickBooks Self-Employed account. So in your QuickBooks online account in regards to your last reply, you can just exclude the transactions or delete them. You can also keep those expenses and if you want to say pay the business expenses with your personal account, you can keep those expense transactions in QuickBooks Online. And you can just need to make a transfer transaction from the plus new (+)>transfer from personal account to Business account to pay back the money spent. If you don’t have a personal account set up in the COA (chart of accounts) you can set up a new one. You can also confer with an accountant too.

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