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Level 3

Payroll reports for 2019 Desktop

In the 2019 and 2020 Desktop versions payroll was an extra cost option which we used.


How do I access the reports for the Payroll section now as I am being asked for an Access Key.


There are earlier years as well which were definatly nothing to do with the monthly subscription model meaning that we should be entitled to see OUR date.


Have spoken to QB Support but they simply say its more than 3 years ago so can't help.


Grateful for any ideas.


QuickBooks Team

Payroll reports for 2019 Desktop

Hi Gilbey, thanks for posting on the Community.


Our payroll for desktop was discontinued some years ago and we are unable to retrieve data that is more than 3 years old. We apologise that we're unable to provide any further assistance on this. 

Level 3

Payroll reports for 2019 Desktop

Why can't you just give us our access code?


I understand the point where we rented your software in the final years, but prior to 2019 we owned it. You are not letting us access our data because you insist on an access key to the payroll section. Seems unreasonable.

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