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Project/Donor Profitability Report



I have come the closest I've been so far to producing a report that show a project's profitability, comparing time spent (logged in Quickbooks time, formerly TSheets) and invoices billed to a particularly Donor. I have been going through the steps in the Help guide called 'Set up and create projects in QuickBooks Online' but have become stuck on adding existing invoices and timesheet data to a Project.


On trying to add timesheet data, I can't work out how to unlock the previously approved timesheets and don't know what impact this will have (what is the purposes of approving/locking time?). And doing it individually is very time consuming as we have multiple entries for each of our many projects every week.  


On trying to add previous (paid) invoices, I don't understand why the invoice has to be disassociated with the payment and what impact this will have on my records.


I just want an easy to generate report for each of my Donors (which as an architectural practice are our 'projects'), showing how much time we have spent on different stages, and how much we have billed the client for these stages. The data all exists within Quickbooks and Time/Tsheets, as we use the same codes for both logging time and billing, so I can't see why the process has to be so convoluted and time-consuming.. unless I'm missing something very obvious.


If anyone has found a way to make this work effectively I would be grateful if you're able to share the steps. 


Thank you. 

QuickBooks Team

Project/Donor Profitability Report

Hello, Astrid. I can help you unlock previously approved timesheets so you can get your work done in no time.


Please know that QuickBooks Time places this lock on timesheets when they are exported to QuickBooks to tell the system not to export them again. It's important to know that the time can only be unlocked up to 90 days in the past. I've included some steps to walk you through the process below:

  1. In QuickBooks Time, click QuickBooks and select Unlock Exported Time.

  2. Choose a Start Date and an End Date.
  3. Click on All employees and choose individuals, groups of employees, or all employees to unlock time for.
  4. The timesheets that will be unlocked are displayed for reference. Hit Unlock Timesheets.
  5. In the notice that displays, select Confirm unlock.
  6. Go to Approvals and choose the same date range and employees you chose to unlock.
  7. Click on Unapprove for each employee.
  8. In the Approvals Report, Time Entries > Timesheets, or anywhere you can edit time, make your desired changes.
  9. Go to Approvals and re-approve the timesheets.


You can see Unlock QuickBooks Time timesheets exported to QuickBooks for additional details about this process.


Timesheet approval is necessary to make sure that the payroll process goes as smoothly as possible. It helps an employer keep track of which timesheets are accurate and which timesheets need to be reviewed before submitting them to payroll. It is an important step in catching any errors in timesheets before they get sent over to the payroll.


Moreover, the paid invoices will really disconnect from the payment if you'll add them to the project. Before adding them to the project, make sure to turn off the automatic apply credit feature. 


  1. Go to the Gear icon and select  Account and Settings.
  2. Proceed to the Advanced tab
  3. Look for Automation and click on it. Then, uncheck Automatically apply credits.
  4. Click Save.


Then, add the paid invoice to your project. After that, you can link the invoice again to the payment. You can refer to this article that details the process: Add existing invoices to QuickBooks Online Projects. Follow steps 2 and 3.

Keep us posted about the result after following the steps shared above. We'd be here to assist you further if you have other questions or concerns. Take care always.

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Project/Donor Profitability Report

Thanks very much for this guidance. Unfortunately we could do with getting the data from more than 90 days ago as well, so I need to look for another way to do this and it might have to be manually.

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