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Quickbooks Desktop - Reports - Group by account

I am using QuickBooks Premier 2020.


I have numerous bank accounts set up, which earn interest.


I need to produce a report which shows the interest earned, but group it by bank account.


Currently when I run a report on interest income it shows all interest from the various accounts, but I can't find a way to group it.

QuickBooks Team

Quickbooks Desktop - Reports - Group by account

Hi @jack1289,


You can pull an account quick report and filter it by split, so you can group your interest by bank account. Let me walk you through the steps.


  1. Go to Lists, then Chart of Accounts.
  2. Type "interest income" in the Look for account name or number field, then Search.
  3. Highlight and right-click the account, then select QuickReport: [Interest Income].
  4. Change the Dates, and then choose Split in the Sort By drop-down.
  5. Hit Refresh.

With these steps, you're able to group your interest income by bank. You also have the option to export your report to Excel. You can learn about exporting report at this link here: Export reports as Excel workbooks in QuickBooks Desktop.


I've added our page about reports and accounting which I'm sure you'll find helpful.


That'll do it. Drop a post anytime if you have other questions or concerns. I'd be around to assist you further. Thanks for visiting us today and have a great day ahead.

Level 2

Quickbooks Desktop - Reports - Group by account

Hi @ShiellaGraceA ,


I have tried doing what you suggested, however it is not giving me exactly what i require.


With the steps you suggested below, it splits it by account, however it is still all shown as one list.


Is it possible to actually show separately on the same reports the multiple accounts with the total per account, not just the total of all interest.


Quickbooks Desktop - Reports - Group by account

Hello there, jack1289,


The report will split them per account but will still come out with the totals for all of the interest. I recommend exporting the report to Excel and manually separate them per account.


Here's how:

  1. Click Reports on the menu.
  2. Select Reports Centre.
  3. Find and open any report.
  4. Select the Excel on the toolbar.

You can check the link provided by my peer above for more information.


Let me know if there's anything else I can help you with.

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