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Mileage tracker

I've upgraded from quickbooks SE to quickbooks online and what a badly integrated, time consuming shambles that was!. I only stayed with it as I wanted to use the mileage tracker on the app. When I tried to use the mileage tracker, which worked great in SE, it constantly threw errors and wouldn't work so I phoned quickbooks and they just said 'yeah, it doesn't work, our engineers are working on it'! which is the standard line they use for everything that doesn't work. Anyway I was cross so left a poor review on play store where they gave me a link which says the the mileage tracker should does it work or doesn't it?

QuickBooks Team

Mileage tracker

I'd like to help you with mileage tracking, Ollski.


One of the newest feature that we have in QuickBooks Online is the mileage tracking. There's an option to turn on this option when opening the app. Go to Mileage, click Auto-tracking and toggle the status. Also, let's make sure that we enable some settings on your phone.

  1. From your phone's settings, go to Application Manager or Apps.
  2. Locate the QuickBooks Online app, then select Mobile Data.
  3. Turn on the following:
    1. Allow app while data saver is on
    2. Allow unrestricted data usage
    3. Allow background data usage
  4. Make sure also that the Location is turned on.

I've included these articles for your reference about mileage:

Comment below if you need more clarifications. I'll be here to guide you anytime.

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