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Why do my reports not show cleared status?

I am trying to run a report on an "Other Current Liabilities" account. When I go to run the report, it does not show a cleared status - That area is just blank even though the transactions have cleared the bank. I would expect that the report would show these transactions as cleared since they have cleared, but in order to see that information I have to open each individual transaction. 


This happens if I try to run the report from the Chart of Accounts, or if I try to pull through in actual reports.  Is there a report that will display this cleared status without having to run the report on the actual bank account? 

QuickBooks Team

Why do my reports not show cleared status?

Hi there, @RR698. Yes, there's a report you can generate to show all cleared transactions.


Let's generate the Transaction Detail Account report, then customize and filter them to show the cleared status. 


Here's how: 

  1. Go to Reports, then enter Transaction Detail Account in the search bar.
  2. Click Switch to classic view, then set your preferred date range in the Report period
  3. Click Customise, then tap Change columns
  4. Untick all the unnecessary columns, and tick Clr.
  5. Tap Filter, then in the Distribution account dropdown, select what account you wish to include. 
  6. In the Cleared dropdown, select Cleared (to show all cleared transactions). 
  7. Once done, hit Run report


I've included a screenshot for visual reference.


Moreover, you have the option to memorise the reports you've customized. This way, you won't have to do the customization process again. 


You can return anytime if you need further assistance or clarification on what reports you can run in QuickBooks Online. Take care and best wishes! 

Level 1

Why do my reports not show cleared status?

I tried following those steps, but the "Cleared" column still doesn't display anything.  This is an "Other Current Liabilities" account - Does that make a difference in running reports?  

QuickBooks Team

Why do my reports not show cleared status?

Thanks for the prompt response and providing a screenshot, @RR698. I appreciate your patience in following the steps suggested by my colleague. 


I'm here to provide some information about the cleared status of your reports. The cleared status only appears when you run a report on your bank accounts. It represents the transactions that your bank has already cleared. 


Additionally, you can refer to this article that includes the steps about printing, emailing, and exporting your financial snapshot: Run reports in QuickBooks Online.


Let me know if you have further concerns about the cleared status of your reports. I'll be here to provide assistance. Have a great day!

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