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David Press
Level 2

All transaction data has pulled through from the start

Can believe this, absolutely infuriated........


The bank connection is an absolute joke and have been caught out a few times. Now literally 10mins ago, it has pulled through all transactions again and now the Tax return I completed last week for 2108/2019 is completely amiss.


Don't know where to start with this, FFS!


All transaction data has pulled through from the start

Thank you for reaching out to the Community, @David Press.


The transactions downloaded into the system will depend on the information shared by your bank. Before we start, can you share with me if you disconnected and reconnected the account?


Any additional information you can add will help ensure a timely solution. If there are no changes made from your end, It would be best to share the name of the bank for me to check if there are any reported issues from other users.


For now, you can exclude the transactions by putting a checkmark on the box within the transaction (see screenshot below).



Check out the Split and Exclude Transactions article. It provides detailed steps and screenshots for your visual reference (scroll down to Exclude Transactions).


Reach out to me whenever you have additional questions or concerns. Please know the Community has your back, and I'm here ready to help you. Have a good one.

David Press
Level 2

All transaction data has pulled through from the start

I was on the app and it said the connection had failed so I selected to reconnect. 
As soon as that happened all the data started downloading and the transaction data started multiplying. My Data is an absolute mess and I’ll now have to step through to understand what information has duplicated.
The automated transaction rules have also caused me a major headache, if these were not in play I could have just excluded all unreviewed and would have been ok, however this was not the case. I have since removed these rules to avoid further issues.
I am with Barclays Bank, can you please investigate and understand how this happened. This has cost me a lot of time and money!

Thesis. I had previously exported and imported data from the bank to QB, assuming that the imported data did not quite match that on the synch, it pulled everything that was not matched. That’s my assumption anyway.
+Transactions are not coming through since Saturday, this is not very helpful to me when trying to complete invoices.
John C
QuickBooks Team

All transaction data has pulled through from the start

Hi David


Just to confirm, you initially had connected the bank and set up rules to categorise them? Then you imported transactions into QuickBooks using an Excel sheet, did you delete from the spreadsheet that were already appearing in QuickBooks before you imported the file and what date were the transactions up to? Then you selected a message to fix a bank connection issue, did these transactions that were brought through over lap with the transactions uploaded using the spread sheet?

David Press
Level 2

All transaction data has pulled through from the start

Hi There,

I'll try and explain as best I can

  • Initially setup with Barclays account but could not get the synch to work
  • Therefore imported transactions via CSV
  • Rules were created to make this easier to manage
  • Managed to get the synch working and everything was pulling though as expected
  • Last night, the QB app ask to resolve a connection error, which i accepted
  • Looks like all data was pulled through which was previously imported via CSV
  • Would have been easy to identify transactions to exclude but, rules automated the process on some transactions which made it impossible for me to identify
  • Rules have been removed
  • Cleansed and checked outgoings data for 2019/2020
  • To do (for me)
  • Cleanse and check incoming transaction data for 2019/2020
  • Cleanse and check incoming and outgoing data for 2018/2019

Just need to understand why this happened and, could it happen again.


Kind regards, David

QuickBooks Team

All transaction data has pulled through from the start

Hi David, 


There is no explanation to why this has happened we think it has something to do with the new open banking that has come out and that is why it has uploaded your transactions that you have already csv into QuickBooks.  This should not happen again for you.   

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