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All transactions except one disappeared / deleted!


I have a simple property rental business, and I have to submit self- assessment tax return due to other complications so I started using Quikbooks Self-Employed in 2017.  I linked my bank account and have never had any problems until now.  I've logged in ready to start my tax calculations for 2018-19.  However, both through the App and the Desktop site, all except one of my transactions prior to November this year have disappeared completely.  I can see the transaction types in my rules, but no matter what I try I can't find them otherwise.  I've read a few articles about restoring transactions, and also about using the 'audit log' but the directions to go via the gear 'tools' don't seem to apply as the menu options aren't there (perhaps because I have a more basic version of the programme?).  I did switch bank account in November, but had made sure all my transactions before that were reconciled; plus the only transaction I can see pre-Nov 19 was through my old account.  Also I have have a friend who has found the exact same problem when trying to do her business taxes for 2018-19, so I don't think the problem is unique to me.  We would both really appreciate help with this, especially with the rapidly approaching self-assessment deadline, if our only option is going to be to manually enter everything we need to start asap!

Thanks in advance for any help.



QuickBooks Team

All transactions except one disappeared / deleted!

Hello Clarelambert1311


Thanks for contacting the Community.


There could be one of 2 things causing the transactions for that tax year not to show.It could be a display issue as we did h ave an issue where users where selecting the tax year n the transactions section but they did not show,however when they selected all they did show.Can we ask you to try in a private window logging into Self Employed and then in transactions selecting all



The other reason this could happen is if the bank account has disconnected,in the Self Employed package if that happens it would delete all reviewed transactions.If you could try the former and let us know if you still have the same issue.If so we can then speak to our senior tier 2 support to see whether we can recover these transactions for you




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