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Allocating Expense transaction part business, part personal

Help please!

I am trying to allocate bank transactions. I have a couple of Amazon orders where only part of the order is business related. How do I partially allocate the transaction whilst excluding the personal amount??


Many thanks




Allocating Expense transaction part business, part personal

I’m here to share some information and help allocate this transaction in QuickBooks, Kristel.


If the bank transaction is incorporated with business and personal expenditures, you have the option to split the amount in QuickBooks Online (QBO). Just make sure to categorise it properly since we're unable to exclude non-business transactions.


Here’s how:


  1. Go to your Banking menu, then choose Banking.
  2. Under the For Review tab, location and select the bank transaction.
  3. Click the Split button.
  4. Select and enter the correct details.
  5. Press the Apply and accept button.

Otherwise, you’ll need to exclude the whole transaction and enter it manually in the program.

You might want to visit this reference that helps handle business and personal amounts: Mixing business and personal funds.

I’ll be right here to help if you need further assistance with your bank transactions. Always take care!

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