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Level 8

Bug in Recurring Transactions?

Level 8

Bug in Recurring Transactions?

Bug also in posting!!


Actual problem is this...

I use recurring transactions as invoice templates - one template per hired item.  When the hired item goes to a new customer, I edit the template (recurring transaction) & save.


On a few occasions, after printing, I've noticed that the old customer address has been printed rather than the new customer address.

"New Customer Name"

"Old Customer Name"

"Old Customer Address"


Not only that but customer address details (in the Customer Info page) has been overwritten - so all historical invoices for that customer now show the wrong address.


I have only be using QBO for 6 months or so (God, I miss QB Desktop 2005!)


The issue has appeared on different templates & with different customer.

I am certain that, when I saved the template, the customer info was correct.


Next time will try to Duplicate Template rather than Edit - maybe that will remove the bug.


Anyone else had the problem?
Any other workaround other than above?


Many thank.

QuickBooks Team

Bug in Recurring Transactions?

Hello Paul


Thanks for contacting the Community.


Can we just confirm when you are editing the recurring template is it after the invoice has been created for the next date that you are going into the invoice created for that date and doing a print preview and it is showing the old customer information or are you selecting the use on the template itself to create an invoice straight away and the print preview shows the old information and changes the customer information as well in the customer details?


Could you provide a screen shot of what you have in the template and what you are seeing in the print preview(you can block out part of the address if you do not want it all to be visible)so we can investigate this further as we have been unable to replicate this


Thank you




Level 8

Bug in Recurring Transactions?

Hi Emma.


When it happened yesterday, I didn't notice the error on the invoice input screen.  I only noticed it on the printed invoice after the week's invoices had been batch printed (we're still building up to invoices by email!).

Whether the error was there on the invoice input screen & I missed it, I'm not sure.


On previous occasions, I am as certain as I can be that the error was not on the input screen & only appeared on the paper print out.  However, as the bug overwrites the 2nd Customer address data with the 1st Customer data it is impossible to look at previously saved invoices to determine when the problem first occurred.


For clarity, my usual process would be...

Run through the week's invoices > all by Use Template.

If a New Hire to invoice to Customer 2.

Take old template for the same vehicle (I have products = vehicles).

Edit template (replace customer & any other lines where necessary).

Save template.

Use template (now showing Customer 2).

Once all the week's invoices are finished (all marked Print Later), Batch Print.


Lastly, I don't think this is a bug in the Template Save.  On each occasion I've had the problem, it has not been with the first invoice after a template edit/save.  It's been a few weeks later.

For example, yesterday's was the third time I'd used the template since the last edit/save (& I would have noticed if it had been there on the previous two).


I will post screenshots next time it happens.  It's intermittent & I have already corrected the Customer Details & re-edited/saved the template - so, for the time-being, there's nothing to see.


QuickBooks Team

Bug in Recurring Transactions?

Hi paul72, 



Thanks for detailing the issue further. We'd appreciate if you could return to this thread with the screenshots attached if you do happen to notice this again in the future. 


As a troubleshooting step, the next time you change a detail on the recurring template we'd recommend clearing the cache on the browser for all time after you have made the edit, and then fully close and re-open the browser. After this, sign into QuickBooks, open the recurring template and manually press the 'Save template' button again. This will test if the problem is a cache-issue causing details to be retained in the back-ground. 


Its also worth checking you are using the latest versions of Google Chrome as this is the supported browser for QuickBooks Online.



Thanks :)

Level 8

Bug in Recurring Transactions?

Thanks GeorgiaC - will do.


Yes - I only use Chrome (which autoupdates) to access QBO.

I'll try clearing the cache but I do this every few days anyway (& I have Chrome set to clear cookies & site data on close) so there's never a great build up.

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