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Can you break down sales invoice items into more detail 'Behind the scenes' ?

I want to invoice my clients a single 'Package' value which is made up of various income streams.

Is there a way that i can retain the client facing detail to the 1 line, while breaking down the income into various elements?

I already use the 'Location' & 'Tags' function to breakdown sector & Location of sale.

Many thanks in advance for any help.

Can you break down sales invoice items into more detail 'Behind the scenes' ?

Hello @LDOLMAN96,


Thank you for posting here in the Community space. I can provide clarification about entering a sales invoice in QuickBooks Online.


When setting up an item, you can only link one income account. The ability to break down products or services and retain client-facing to a single line is unavailable.


The only workaround is to separate them by adding more line items to the invoices. This way, you can generate income streams coming from the source items separately.


Additionally, You can use Class to get deeper insights into your sales, expenses, or profitability for each part of your business. For additional reference on how you can assign classes to each line, check out this link: Turn on class tracking in QuickBooks Online.


Let me know if you have more questions about the sales invoices in QuickBooks. I'll be sure to get back to you. Have a great day ahead.


Can you break down sales invoice items into more detail 'Behind the scenes' ?

Hello Community users, we just wanted to pop in and odd some possible options when you want an invoice to have more detail behind the scenes than is visible for the customer.


On a basic level if you have multiple line items in order to get more detail and you wish the customer to see only one.

You could use a product bundle which would show as one line on the invoice(you can tick to display or not the components of the bundle on the invoice when setting up the bundle in the product and services section) and could be multiple products in that one bundle.

If you were using the same rate and description you can collapse/combine rows(this is available in the custom form styles>edit current>content>middle third of preview>show more activity options.


If you are looking to split the income into various elements you could set up different sub income accounts in the chart of accounts and then in the product or service set up attach the particular sub account as the income account. That will then report to the sub account on reports for the breakdown as well as the overall income account for the total. You could only have one attached to each product you set up and therefore only one per line item though. So in that case as mentioned above if it is one line item and you want more detail that would come from classes, tags, location, description and using the memo box on the invoice.


We just wanted to provide some further detail we appreciate they may not be specific to your needs but we are adding to help any users who may find the above useful.


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