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Customers Currency Not Supported

We have been running QuickBooks succesfully for over a year for our swimming club financial managment, but suddenly this month (July 2022) invoices were no longer paid through GoCardless DD collection and all DD collection has terminated with each customer having the comment in Quickbooks of "Sorry, but we don't support this customer's currency". I've spoken to GoCardless and they tell me the fault is not with them (although I'm not convinced). Has anyone else come across such a problem.

QuickBooks Team

Customers Currency Not Supported

Hello MikeMclean, 


Welcome to the Community page, 


Can you ring the support line on 0808 234 5337 it is open mon to fri 8am to 7pm and is free from any UK landline and mobile, so the agent on the phone can set up a screenshare with you and look into this more for you and it may need raising up which they will do on the call with you. 


Customers Currency Not Supported

Hello Community users, we just wanted to pop in and add some tips for any users receiving the message customers currency not supported when using the GoCardless app integration on an invoice in QuickBooks. 


If you could firstly check the user you are logging into QuickBooks with. In past instances it has been found that the users email address has been deleted from the users login. If you can log in with the active email. You can check this by going to here  then signing in and going to sign in and security 


If you have completed that and you still receive the same message follow the steps below


1.Login into the QBO.
2.Go to My Apps page. Find the
3.GoCardless app that is being connected.
4.Click on the drop down against GoCardless app.
5.Click on the Settings option from the list.
6.If there more than one company with the same user Id, then company selection page will be displayed.
7.Choose the company that has to be reconnected ( the company giving the error )
8.Now you will be taken to GoCardless page for reconnection. Enter the gocardless credentials and click on Connect.
9.You will be redirected back to QBO



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